The Wire

Season 4 Episode 12

That's Got His Own

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2006 on HBO

Episode Recap

Michael appears to be running for his life from Chris and Snoop. They corner him in a warehouse, where he resourcefully ambushes them, shooting both of them- it is then revealed that the trio is using paintball bullets in a training exercise for Michael to hone his skills as a future Stanfield enforcer.

At the Major Crimes Unit, Marimow cleans out his office, to the delight of the troops. Lester assigns the officers to fan out and re-energize the Stanfield investigation, to the discomfort of Herc, who outranks him, but finds himself taking orders from him. Later, Marimow's replacement arrives- the clueless Lt. Asher, whom Lester has requested as C.O., presumably because he will rubber-stamp any subpoena requests Lester might make.

Colvin enlists The Deacon to help save his program from the budget axe, asking for an audience with Delegate Watkins, who agrees to get them attention from Carcetti.

Carcetti's advisors urge him to reach out to the Governor for aid to the budget-crunched school system. Carcetti and Norman go, hats in hand, to Annapolis, where the Governor discourteously keeps them waiting endlessly. When they do finally meet, Carcetti is incensed to find that the Governor is all too willing to exploit Carcetti's situation for political gain.

Prez regretfully faces the prospect of losing Duquan as he is ready for promotion. Prez also continues to try to help protect the beleaguered Randy, and is dismayed to find that his foster mother plans to move Randy to another district. Dukie is walking home with Michael when he discovers that his family has been evicted. Michael offers to let him stay with him and Bug, who have their own place now.

Freamon's theory about the location of Marlo's bodies holds up, raising the ire of Landsman, who demands that Lester stop finding bodies that add to the unsolved murder stats. Lester goes to Daniels, who gets Rawls to approach Carcetti. The Mayor ok's Lester opening up more vacants to look for bodies.

The harassment against Randy turns deadly, and he loses faith in Carver's ability to protect him as his house is firebombed and his foster mother is badly injured.

The jig may be up for Herc, as he is pulled in for questioning by IID. The investigators ask for Sydnor and Dozerman also, but Herc insists that he face the investigation alone, absolving them of any involvement.

Namond continues to realize that he is not cut out for dealing when Kenard steals his stash and Namond is ineffective in his attempt to intimidate him. Michael, who continues his descent into the darker side of the streets, takes over, brutally beating young Kenard. Later, at the gym, he lashes out at Namond also, causing Cutty to intervene. Cutty later seeks Michael out and finds out first-hand just how dangerous he has become: one of Michael's new associates shoots him in the leg, and is only stopped from killing him by Michael's intervention.

Bubbles comes up with a plan to rid himself of the man who has been tormenting him: poison some of his stash with cyanide, so the man who steals it from him will die. But it goes horribly awry when Sherrod gets the deadly dose instead. Bubbles weeps bitterly over the young man's body.

And Omar, who has continued to surveil Cheese, organizes a masterful plan, gets the jump on Cheese's crew and steals the entire shipment of heroin instead of just one re-up package, making a huge score at the expense of Marlo, Joe and the rest of the co-op.