The Wire

Season 1 Episode 2

The Detail

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 09, 2002 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • When Lt. Daniels quotes from the letter D'Angelo wrote to the murdered witness's family, he claims it says, "I'm very sorry for your father," but in the actual letter the word 'father' is missing.

    • The stain on Judge Phelan's tie moves about between shots.

    • The burnt-out police car after the riot is different than the one Herc, Carver, and Prez arrived in. They were driving a new model Crown Victoria, while the burnt-out car was an older model.

  • Quotes

    • D'Angelo Barksdale: Now you think Ronald McDonald gonna go down to the basement and say, "Hey Mr. Nugget - you the bomb. We sellin' chicken faster than you can tear the bone out. So I'm gonna write my clowney ass name on this fat-ass check for you." Shit. Man, the nigga who invented them things? Still working in the basement for regular wage, thinking of some shit to make the fries taste better or some shit like that. Believe.

    • Marla Daniels: You can not lose if you do not play.

    • McNulty: This is just us talking right? Just you, me, my partner and... what did you say your name was?
      Bodie: I didn't say shit.
      McNulty: Just you, me, my partner and Mr. Shit here.

    • Rawls: McNulty! Where in fuck is he?
      Landsman: I— uh... he's detailed, Major, to narcotics.
      Rawls: I fuckin' know where he's detailed. I fuckin' already know that.

    • (about chicken nuggets inventor)
      Poot: You think he get paid?
      Wallace: Shit, he richer than a motherfucker.

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