The Wire

Season 5 Episode 6

The Dickensian Aspect

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2008 on HBO

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  • Lester Leaps In.

    Okay, it should probably be Omar leaps in, but i'll explain later. This is a show that unfortunatly will be going out on top. I'll admit I was a little perplexed at Omar initially jumping (or leaping) 4 stories and being able to spirit away, but I like how it was resolved. They never thought to look in the same building and a broken leg is believable. One of the few times i'll fogive the writers for something near fantastical.

    We find that the web of lies and mountain of political bull* just keeps getting deeper. McNulty bringing all the attention to the bogus homeless serial murder case has gunked up the works with all the attention. Bunk and Kima working the real case of bodies get no help as they are thrown roadblocks due to budgetary cutbacks and, placed at the rear behind...yup the homeless case. As far as my man Lester Freamon, he and McNulty are so peeved about the way they are forced to do police work on the cheap with no support from above that they dig themselves deeper into the deception.

    Over at the newspaper Templeton comes up with a legit piece but many are skeptical, especially Editor Haynes.

    And now that Marlo has made his power play he needs to worry about Omar. While he's not showing this worry yet, his peeps are. I suspect he may be dead before the cops get him.

    As far as Lester Leaps's an old Lester Young tune from the 50's. Lester, of course can be Lester Freamon who has jumped into the illegal detective work. Leaps in can be about Omar and Lester Young was known as "Prez". In this episode we had mention of Pryzbylewski or Prez.

    We also got to see some past characters (I how they bring back past characters) in Randy (who is so lost to the system) and Nick (season 2) who is apparently jobless. So many loose ends that the writers are revisiting and to an extent wrapping up.

    I'm most curious as to Omar and his one man mission, and the discovery of the sealed indictment copies found at Prop Joes. Oh boy, it just keeps getting better.
  • There is so much to love in each and every episode of The Wire this season- why, oh why does this show have to freakin' end? Another classic episode with pivotal events that ramp up the narrative tension to an almost unbearable degree.

    Omar's alive, but just how hurt is he? His campaign against Marlo continues, but how can he hope to stay alive, let alone exact revenge for Butchie's murder?

    Speaking of bringing down Marlo, how far will McNulty and Freamon go in their efforts to do just that? The extreme measures McNulty is prepared to take are monumentally risky for him, Freamon and anyone else who gets caught up in the elaborate serial killer ruse (I'm talking to you, poor Sydnor). Speaking of taking extreme measures, is there anything that Carcetti won't do to get into the Governor's office? He now seizes on the plight of the city's homeless as his new vehicle to election victory.

    Speaking of victory (anyone sensing a theme here?), Marlo enjoys his status as king, disbanding the co-op and imposing his authority without challenge. Challenge? That's what Bunk is facing in his dogged efforts to solve his cases through good ole fashioned detective work: the police lab is taking forever to process his forensic evidence and his interview of Randy turned up nothing. Bunk is furious. And I guess furious would be the only way to describe Omar at this point...his one-man terror camapign has got to be getting under Marlo's skin... the creepy Templeton, who finally writes a legitimate piece, but continues his duplicitous ways.

    I don't even know where to begin praising the quality of the show this season. All of the incredible ingredients that make The Wire so great are there, plus more. I love the way old characters and old plot threads are being revisited, not just for the sake of closure, but as an integral part of the storyline. It was nice to see Randy and Nick Sobotka again, but, in true Wire fashion, neither one is given anything close to a fairytale-ending.
  • I loved how this episode was written

    I was very suprised that Omar could walk after that big jump and all along he was hiding in the maintenance room underneath the appartments. I thought that would be the first place Chris would look for him. Bunk I love watching him at work and how his mind ticks, I love how he looks in all areas to solve his cases and this episode clearly showed this, by pretty much starting all over with the Marlo killngs. I loved how his eyes lit up when Kima put another link to the killings on his desk. I think he almost forgot who The Bunk was, Kima had to remind him. I am hoping that the Marlo killing will be reopened from Bunks hard work not from McNultys bullcrap.
    Another thing that suprised me in this episode was seeing Nick Sobotka again, wasnt he all fired up about the new development of the docks.
    I thought this was a great episode and I cant wait until next, Im itching for it.
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