The Wire

Season 1 Episode 1

The Target

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 02, 2002 on HBO

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  • The series begins with a pivotal trial and an early examination on Jimmy's "Screw the rules" personality.

    Watching the series on DVD is both a blessing and a curse. While its nice to have the option of viewing all the episodes at once or in large segments, its also easy to take their presence for granted as the urgency to watch them does not seem as strong. In the case of the first episode, it was the latter. The Target is a very slow episode but it ultimately sets up the season very well. The show always demands a lot out of viewers, but in this case I had to watch it twice. Had I not heard so much praise about the show, I might not have been as compelled to keep watching as there was nothing about this episode that really grabbed me, but in hindsight, its just another link in a long chain of quality. What a fantastic show. Kima is hilarious in this episode.