The Wire

Season 1 Episode 1

The Target

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 02, 2002 on HBO

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  • The Target is the beginning of The Wire. It not only starts of the season but gets you ready for what's to come in the season, it also partially sets up the other seasons of the show. We meet the characters and the detail and what there after.

    The first ever episode of The Wire, at the time of writing this review i think this is a great episode. When i first watched it though i thought it was quite slow and not much happening. I found it quite hard to watch. However, i stuck through it and i am glad i did. This is a truly great show and a great episode. This is where it all began, this is the episode that starts this truly great show. If you have watched this and didn't really like it i would advise you to watch it again and maybe the next 2 episodes. You will not be sorry, most people i know found it a little hard to get into but its well worth it. I have not spoken to anyone that did not like this show.

    D'Angelo Barksdale is found not guilty of murder at the start of the episode, with a little help from his uncle and his crew in the court. McNulty gets the whole thing started by mouthing of to the judge about what just happened in his court. McNulty went outside the chain of command by talking to the judge and not his superiors. This is a common thing in the rest of the season, McNulty going up against the bosses. A detail is started to investigate Avon Barksdale, D's Uncle. There are lots of other little parts in this episode that introduce us to the characters and set up their role in the rest of the season. The detail mainly consists of what appears to be idiots and drunks, not many good police, this is true in some cases but some of the detail surprise us. By the end of the episode the detail has a strategy mapped out to arrest Barksdale, McNulty disagrees, telling them they will never get Avon this way. This is an ongoing struggle through the episode and season, McNulty going up against the bosses to show them he knows best and is smarter than everyone. The bosses don't want a long case, they want a quick charge and that's it.

    This sets the stage for the rest of what is truly a great season. The actors are mostly unheard of character actors, they do a great job and really play there parts well. Making this all the more enjoyable.
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