The Wire

Season 1 Episode 1

The Target

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 02, 2002 on HBO

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  • A perfect start to a perfect series. Well paced and wonderfully complex.

    So it began here. The Wire kicked off in slow burning fashion while introducing us to most of the main characters smoothly. This pilot confirmed that while the Wire was excellent it wasn't for everyone, those wanting an action packed fast paced cops and gangsters show were for the most part turned off by the first episode (first few episodes for that matter), therefore the Wire spent it's early years supported by a small tight network of fans who were patient enough to look and listen as the show came into it's intricate own. The Target doesn't introduced the characters one by one all by there lonesome but instead introduces them smoothly intersecting with each other throughout the episode. The court scenes in particular fleshing out the detective Mcnulty's crusade against Stringer Bell and his drug crew. Detective Jimmy Mcnulty is a "real PO lice" (cop that wants justice rather than stats) which is his flaw in life as he constantly ticks off the bosses and drags colleagues and family into his abyss of a life rife with trouble trying to balance work and his family life which is half in the toilet.

    While Jimmy appears to be made out as the primary character of the story there are scenes that remind us that this isn't a one man show. Lieutenant Daniels, Greggs, Herc, Carver and many others are introduced just as well with there own obstacles to overcome in "the Game". Writing is top notch and offers a rich believability that wasn't seen before on any TV show and maintains entertainment values for those willing to stick with it. The intro theme song is catchy and well put together in true HBO fashion (Oz, The Sopranos intro's etc). If your thinking of buying the DVD sets and seeing it for yourself don't hesitate but also remember when keeping up with the story that patience is a virtue.