The Wire

Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on HBO

Episode Recap

Detective's Freamon and McNulty are in the Homicide Department's wire room. They call Scott Templeton's cell-phone with voice-modifying software, and McNulty pretends to be the killer with a fake "balmore" accent. Sydnor is down by the docks with the actual phone that the call is being transferred from. Monitoring calls being made from the cell, Det. Vernon Holley hears the call on the monitor and raises the alarm. Police immediately show up at the docks in boats, a helicopter, in radio cars as well as on foot. They start questioning everyone around aggressively while Sydnor quietly walks away. Meanwhile, Templeton receives a picture on his phone of the "missing" homeless guy, courtesy of Freamon and McNulty.

State Senator Clay Davis meets with high-powered Baltimore Defence Attorney Billy Murphy, who wants $200,000 as the cost for representing him. Clay unabashedly tries to manipulate Murphy, saying that he should be paying him for the exposure on this huge case but Murphy says he doesn't need any more exposure, and to "save that silver-tongue for the jury."

Sgt. Landsman and the other detectives listen to the call again while McNulty meets with Templeton and the editors at The Baltimore Sun office building. Scott seems to imply that the killer's voice was different this time and gets befuddled a bit at McNulty's questions. The Sun plans to show the photograph in the paper.

Savino and another of Marlo's guys roll up to the stash house to find the door kicked in, with one guy dead and the other tied up. Once untied, he gives a message from Omar saying that Marlo isn't man enough to come down to the streets. When inspecting the rest of the rooms, and to see the state of the stash, they realise that the drugs have all been flushed

McNulty and Assistant State's Attorney Pearlman meet with Judge Phelan in order to try and get a tap on the camera phone using computers from Baltimore county. That's approved, however McNulty then tries to get a tap on Templeton's phone, which is denied due to Phelan worrying about his reputation.

Carcetti calls constituents to donate money for his Governor campaign and manages to obtain $90,000 in one sitting. Unfortunately, as he is breaking the good news to his staff, Wilson comes in with the news about the "kidnapped homeless man."

Landsman tells Bunk he must come with the other detectives to meet with Daniels but he refuses, getting extremely angry, and continues to work on his own case; the 22 bodies in the vacants.

Whilst new Deputy of Operations Cedric Daniels meets with the brass and Homicide unit, Baltimore Sun editor Gus is meets with his own staff about the serial killer story. Both Gus and Daniels explain how Scott is right in the middle of things, and also say that they are getting full resources to work this case/story.

Michael is on the corner with Dukie, who is busy looking for a job in the fieds section of the newspaper. Without warning, Carver rolls up in a radio car and takes Mike in without an explanation.

Mayor Carcetti holds a press conference where he says that the killer will be found and "brought to justice."

Freamon sets up the new wire whilst Landsman tells McNulty that Greggs is working his case, despite her triple murder. The serial killer case, which is now a fully certified red ball, is of the most importance and Landsman asks him what he needs. When he leaves, Bunk begins to reprimand McNulty and Freamon, but Greggs walks in. She asks McNulty where to get kid's furniture as her son is going to spend the night, and he tells her IKEA. Carver walks into the Homicide department and brings in Michael Lee to Bunk "gift-wrapped."

When he is leaving, McNulty hears a new detective complaining that he needs resources to close a case. McNulty gives him two extra men, as well as an extra car, saying that he'll be able to write it into his case file.

Bunk interrogates Mike, showing him the photos of Bug's father's body. Bunk says he knows Mike didn't do it because it was done by a larger, more fearsome individual. Bunk continues to try and pry information out of Michael, however he has no luck and is dismayed when the young man shows no weak signs.

Gus tells Fletcher to go to the shelters and soup kitchens to "be with the homeless people," in order to develop and report on a larger story.

Greggs talks to the parents of one of the "victims" of the homeless serial killer. They are extremely upset because they left him out on the street after repeated attempts at drug treatment. They acknowledge that they thought he would probably die due to drug addiction, however they never expected something sick to happen to him, like with the teeth-marks.

Gus tells the chief editors that he thinks Scott's piece is overwritten, as it seems he has been living out on the streets forever, but they disagree and keep it.

Daniels and Pearlman are at home talking about how big their respective cases are.

McNulty tells Freamon that "this shit is bigger than I ever thought it would be" and to hurry up on the wiretap. Landsman then calls and bugs him about the case file again, asking for more information about the kidnapped homeless man, however McNulty answers back saying that he already has his name and last known whereabouts. McNulty claims it was by "police work" when Landsman asks how that's possible.

State Senator Clay Davis shows up for his day in court and shows the reporters a book about a wrongfully accused man, saying it is comforting him. "No good deed goes unpunished" he says to the reporters with a smile on his face. However, with his back turned to climb the steps, his face suddenly grows worried.

Landsman bothers McNulty again about putting more detectives on the case. McNulty then gives Norris the extra expenses he needs to close a case instead.

Freamon testifies at Clay's trial but is not cross-examined by Murphy to the surprise of Bond and Pearlman.

Fletcher goes to the soup kitchen where Bubbles is working and begins to talk to him.

Damien Lavelle "Day-Day" Price, Clay Davis' former driver, testifies at the court hearing, and Murphy asks him about the plea deal he is getting because of this trial.

Whilst monitoring the wire tap computer on Marlo's phone, Freamon intercepts a picture of a clock with the hands pointing to 5:50, but Sydnor watches Marlo, who does nothing differently.

Crutchfield asks McNulty for expenses for his case and gets what he wants. Greggs complains to McNulty about interviewing the families and having to assemble the furniture.

At night, Bubbles shows Fletcher around under the bridge where the homeless camp out.

Gus goes to a cop bar where he finds Santangelo and Mello, and asks about the ID card scam that Templeton lied about getting "took" on. Mello confirms his suspicions by saying it is impossible.

Omar finds Savino, who tells him he was not there when Butchie was tortured and killed. Omar asks him what he would have done if he was there since he's muscle for Marlo, and after contemplating it for a second, shoots Savino in the back of the head.

Freamon tells McNulty he is going to need 8 men to canvass Marlo. Greggs calls and complains about the bed which she cannot assemble correctly.

Omar rolls up to Mike's corner and hold's it up. He instructs Michael to tell Marlo that he is going to eliminate all of his muscle, and not stop until they're gone. After Omar disappears, Mike tells the other guys that it was lucky Omar did not make him from the night of the shooting.

Murphy questions Clay about the money that is unaccounted for. Clay puts on a big show for the crowd and jury saying it all went to his people in need.

Carcetti talks to his staff about the homeless serial killer situation, who in turn tell him that cutbacks and layoffs are likely inevitable if much more money is spent.

Clay Davis walks out of court victorious, whilst Bond and Pearlman wonder what the hell just happened. Pearlman remarks that "whatever it was, they don't teach it in law school."

Gus tells another editor his suspicions about Scott and wonders how far he will go if he is willing to lie about something as small as getting "took."

Greggs is sleeping in a chair, as she evidently could not put the bed together, when her son walks in unable to sleep. They sit in the window and say goodnight to the moon, stars, po-po, fiends, hoppers, hustlers, scammers, and everybody else who dwells in the city of Baltimore.