The Wire

Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2008 on HBO

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  • I keep wondering how The Wire is going to do a credible job of wrapping the series up in the few remaining episodes. Well, if the writing remains this crisp, they might just pull it off. A beautifully written episode, excellently directed by Dominic West.

    First-time director Dominic West displays a deft comic touch as well as a flair for directing action scenes and interpersonal moments in this beautifully rendered installment. Clay Davis and Billy Murphy team up to put on the biggest display of BS you'll ever witness short of a presidential campaign. Who would have thought Davis would walk away from the trial unscathed? I sure didn't. I just hope Murphy wasn't counting too hard on Clay paying up as promised.

    I just love Bunk's increasing fury at McNulty and Freamon's Homless Killer caper, and I think it would only be fitting if his old-fashioned shoe-leather detective work ended up being the key to taking down Marlo.

    Omar has really ramped up his guerilla war on Marlo and his minions...this one is gonna end badly for somebody. Oooooooh...Templeton is goin' down, baby! Gus is onto him now... Is Kima the new McNulty? I remember him having similar frustrations trying to put together beds for his kids. But she seems to be working hard on being a good mom. I loved this episode...each one seems to get more precious to me as the end quickly approaches.
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