The Wire

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2008 on HBO

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  • Everyone is put out to pasture.

    This is such a well written show. This was one of the finest written episodes. The parallels are perfect.

    The Comissioner is put out to pasture. Carcetti has decided it's time for a change and the council has gone along with him. At the Baltimore Sun, Twigg the City Editor is put out to pasture, budget cuts. Clay Davis faces the Grand Jury and he knows he's done. And in the crime side of things, Marlo unilaterlly puts Prop Joe out to pasture. Thankfully Omar is back and I hope against hope that he gets Marlo. He never kills just for the killing as evidenced in this episode. He sees no need to kill Marlos henchman...and doesn't. Marlo does have some ethical standards.

    Of course Lester and McNulty continue to turn ethics on it's head as they try to conjur up dead men as serial killings.

    It's going to be so sad when this show goes off. It will be one of the few to go out at the top of it's game.
  • The Wire is the best show on television. It is filled with great plots, charaters you love and hate, and using the actual city of Baltimore as its setting is brilliant. People need to begin watching it.

    In my opinion, The Wire is the best on television. The acting is superb and the story line is extremely realistic and a serious portrayal of what is happening in many urban neighborhoods today. I have officially watched this show for three years while my husband has watched every season. It is terribly unfair, however, that HBO advertises if people want to watch it before its Sunday airing they can check it out on On Demand. The Sunday viewing is how this show gets its ratings. Most people, once they have watched it will not want to see it more than twice. I hope people will begin to watch a show that keeps me on the edge of my seat, wrinches tears from deep within me, and makes me look forward to the next episode. Clearly, The Wire is one of the best shows not only on HBO but on television, hands down. It is worthy of a rating of a 10.
  • How in the hell The Wire manages to pack so much into an hour each and every week is a never-ending source of amazement to me. And, as another reviewer so aptly noted, its sense of story flow and use of parallels is absolutely flawless. Another classic!

    In this appropriately titled episode, transitions aplenty are happening- and as we all know, transitions can be bumpy affairs...

    Burrell is cermoniously ousted as Commissioner, only promising to go quietly after eliciting the promise of a golden parachute from Narese in exchange for his silence about Daniels' shady past. Rawls advances to the seat, although all concerned know that this is only temporary. McNulty and Freamon, still frustrated about the lack of police and media interest in their "serial Killer", decide to up the ante on their doctored "crime scenes", enlisting the help of one of Lester's old friends and giving the "killer" a shocking new quirk. And McNulty's extracurricular activities lead to a confrontation with the frustrated Beadie, who is ready to kick him out.

    Freamon and Pearlman find enough evidence of Clay Davis' shady dealings to pull him before a grand jury. Davis walks out in a huff, smack into the middle of a media swarm organized by Attorney General Bond to up his own profile. Marlo continues to cause disruptions and foment dissension during the co-op meetings, but is unchecked by Proposition Joe,or anyone else. His continued overtures to the Greeks finally appear to bear fruit, as the old Greek agrees to deal with him as an "insurance policy" should anything happen to Prop Joe. Joe, meanwhile, cluelessly continues to mentor Marlo in the ways of money laundering...and remains loyal to his nephew Cheese, even in the face of growing suspicions that Cheese is the one who fingered Butchie for execution by Marlo's minions. Omar shows up, ambushing Slim Charles, who convinces him that Prop Joe had nothing to do with Butchie's demise. Omar spares Slim, and seems to reconsider his vendetta against Joe also. Omar decides to go after Marlo's troops, starting with Monk.

    And in a final scene that was strangely touching, Prop Joe prepares to flee Omar's wrath only to find himself betrayed by Cheese, who has fully given his allegiance to Marlo in exchange for moving up in the business. As Marlo gives Chris the order to execute Joe, he soothes him almost tenderly, telling him to "breathe easy, it won't hurt none". An incredible, indelible scene in an amazing episode of an unparalleled series.
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