The Wire

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2008 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Marlo can be seen wearing a Royal Addiction T-shirt during the episode. Jamie Hector, the actor who plays Marlo, owns the Royal Addiction clothing line company.

  • Quotes

    • (to Marlo)
      Prop Joe: Proposition then, I just step out the way. You never hear from me again, I just disappear.

    • Jay Spry: (reviewing the draft of an article) Huh. "Incensed" means to inflame with wrath. It speaks to obsession. Is this the mayor's state of mind? Something more nuanced, perhaps galled, vexed, annoyed? Safer still- displeased.
      Gus: You'd take the crab out of crab soup.

    • Burrell: (to Rawls) To Carcetti, I'm a hack. Royce was no different. Maybe I am, but every day they send over a new priority. "Go after the bad guys. No, change that, make quality of life cases. Get on top of the murders. On second thought, run the whores out of Patterson Park." You think the Mayor tells the schools how to teach kids? Or the Health Department how to do it's job? Or sanitation how to pick up trash? But, get elected, and suddenly, they know police work. You might think you'll be different, when you sit here. But it won't. You will eat their shit.

    • Snoop: (about Hungry Man) Man already shit he'self, and we ain't even get started yet. He's funky yo'.

    • Herc: Carcetti finally dumps Burrell.
      Prop Joe: Ervin was a year before me at Dunbar.
      Herc: No shit?
      Prop Joe: He was in the Glee club.
      Herc: You're killin' me, I gotta ask.
      Prop Joe: Stone stupid.

    • Carver: When I gave you that kid to debrief last year, what's-his-face, you were supposed to get him to Bunk Moreland, you remember that?
      Herc: Yeah, I fucked up. So what?
      Carver: So, it mattered.
      Herc: So what the fuck does this have to do with Colicchio?
      Carver: It all matters.

    • Prop Joe: But I treated you like a son.
      Marlo: I wasn't meant to play the son.

  • Notes

    • Music: "What You Know About Baltimore" by Ogun ft. Phathead; "Baby I'm Yours" by Barbara Lewis; "Drop The Bomb" by Trouble Funk; "Train In Vain" by The Clash; "Street Legendz" by Shortie

    • Although credited, Andre Royo and Jermaine Crawford do not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • During the last scene, Marlo tells Prop Joe to close his eyes and says "There, there now." This was a key phrase in the 1964 Hitchcock film Marnie, where a poor Baltimore neighborhood plays a pivotal location.

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