The Wire

Season 5 Episode 2

Unconfirmed Reports

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2008 on HBO

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  • In this second episode of the show's final season, the main storylines begin to reveal themselves..strap yourselves in. ladies and gents- this is going to be one hell of a ride...

    You had to know that The Wire was not going to go off gently into that good night of TV oblivion, but was going to continue its tradition of giving the demands of viewer expectations and conventional storytelling a swift kick in the unmentionables on the way out. No happy endings are in sight here..Marlo is gearing up for war with every other dealer in the city, attempting to pull an end-around move on the co-op to steal their supplier out from under them AND turning over every rock to find and exact revenge on Omar.

    At the Sun, an up and coming reporter may be faking stories to accelerate his rise to prominence.

    Lester is stymied in his efforts to bag Marlo, and frustrated by his failure to enlist any help from his superiors, all the way up the line to Carcetti's office. Bubbles is teetering on the edge of a crisis in his newly found sobriety- either get honest about his guilt feelings over Sherrod's death or risk relapse. Speaking of relapse, is there anything more disheartening than the sight of McNulty these days, as self-loathing and self-destructive as ever? And now he's REALLY gone and done it- in a move that reaches a new low even for him, he is altering crime scenes and planting evidence in an attempt to rekindle interest in the Stanfield investigation. This can only end badly. Excellent episode!
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