The Wizard of Oz

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • Season 1
    • Hot Air
      Hot Air
      Episode 13
      The Wizard takes part in a Hot air baloon race with Dorothy, little realising that they are walking into a trap set by the Wicked Witch. But when Dorthy catches on to the witches plot, she quickly turns the table on her, with the help of the Wizard.
    • The Day the Music Died
      Music Land is being terrorized by the flying monkeys! Dorothy and the gang arrive and find that there can be no music because Meastro, Leader of Music Land has had his batton stolen, and without it, he can't conduct the band. They help to find it but it's no where! A pair of magic shoes appear with a batton, a spell by the Wicked Witch. The shoes tell them that the only person that can use the batton is the one that can fit the shoes. Dorothy is the only one! While she's in them... The Witch arrives and steals them! Dorothy makes them believe in the music and they begin to play. The music is so loud that the Witch drops the slippers to cover her ears. The Lion catches them and Dorothy puts them on. Now everyone in Music Land realized that the music was in them all along! It ends with the Scarecrow dancing and the Emerald Star twinkling in the sky.moreless
    • Upside Down-Town
      Upside Down-Town
      Episode 11
      The Wizard's balloon is blown off the map of Oz into Upside-Down Town. Dorothy and Friends travel there to save him. When they get there, everything is topsy tervey. The people even talk and walk backwards. Soon after they are happily welcomed, they realize that Toto does not have a Dog License. So the citizens put Dorothy and the gnag in jail, although not long after they escape. After they are caught, they are rewarded for escaping. After all it is Upside-Down Town. They find the Wizard in a cornfield right outside the town. The Crow guards the corn and the Scarecrows steal it! Eventually the Wizard flies away. Dorothy's slippers are not working and the Witch almost has them! That is until Dorothy realizes that she has to take the slippers off for the magic to work. She taps the slippers above her head saying- "Back to the Yellow Brick Road." They are all now back in Oz. The episode ends with them skipping down the Yellow Brick Road singing "We're Off to See the Wizard."moreless
    • The Marvelous Milkmaid of Mechanica
      The Heroes attempt to recuse the Marvelous Milkmaid of Mechanica from the Wicked Witch. But she want to keep Marvelous Milkmaid of Mechanica for her own purposes and won't let Dorothy and the gang near her. So they have to devise a plan to rescue her.
    • Time Town
      Time Town
      Episode 9
      Dorothy and the gang are searching for the Wizard when a pidgeon flies down and has a singing telegram for Dorothy - The Wizard of Oz is in the Emerald City! They Travel to the Emerald City and find it in ruins. the Wizard has lost his memory, is now a farmer, and doesn't even know who Dorothy is! Glinda arrives and tells Dorothy that The Wicked Witch has stolen the book that records everything that has ever happened in Oz, "The History of Oz". She must be stopped before it's completely erased and rewrites for her own. Glinda tells them that the book was last seen in Time Town. As she's telling them, her page is erased. She turns into an old lady and says that her name is not Glinda. The 4 of them travel to Time Town, with the farmer Wizard and the guardians of Time Town, they go to Pendulam Mountain. The Lion breaks the spell, thanks to a distraction from the Wizard, who is now a farmer, and everything is once again back to normal in Oz!moreless
    • A Star is Gone
      A Star is Gone
      Episode 8
      The Witch has a giant size monster as her slave, and she sends him to capture the red Luminary to take the red from the Ruby Slippers so they won't work until she can get her hands on them. The Luminary comes from the land called Lumina, the place that makes the colors of Oz. Instead of bringing the red Luminary, the servant brings her the Green one. The Witch uses it to take the green out of the Emerald star. Glinda tells Dorothy and the others to go to Lumina to find out why the Emerald Star is not shining. When they get there, they are accused of kidnapping Miss Green(The Green Luminary.) They are now prisoners but the Blue Luminary frees them. They travel back to the Witch's castle and find that the Witch has kidnapped the Red Luminary. Now the Ruby Slippers turn gray. The Red Luminary runs around Dorothy's feet and turns the slippers back to red! Dorothy taps her heels together wishing them all to a safe place. All ends well when they discover Dorothy never kidnapped anyone!moreless
    • Dream a Little Dream
      When Dorothys ruby slippers fall into Truckles hands, he assumes control over the Wicked Witch. He then commands her to eliminate Dorthy and the gang in order to gain her freedom back.
    • The Lion that Squeaked
      The Wizard is trapped in his balloon still...and Dorothy and the gang are busy trying to find him. Then Dorothy and Toto get captured by a Hyena that works for the Witch. The Hyena has also stolen the Lions roar, and now the Lion squeaks. Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion go to a place that has every voice in Oz. The Lion finds his roar and gets it back. Then they make a pair of fake Ruby Slippers and pretend they are the real shoes so that they can trick the Witch into letting Dorothy go. The Witch learns of their little scheme and tries to make it back fire on them. But in all the confusion she still ends up with the fake slippers. The with his new roar, The Lion scares the Hyena away. He ends the episode singing "Yes, I am King of the Forest."moreless
    • We're Not in Kansas Anymore
      Dorothy wants to return to Kansas to see Auntie Em and Uncle Henry...So the witch does a spell by making herself diguised as Auntie Em, and Truckle(monkey) disguised as Uncle Henry. Dorothy taps her heels together three times and repeats "there's no place like home". She is back in Kansas and before she goes to bed she puts the Ruby Slippers in her closet and sits on her window singing Over the Rainbow. The slippers know they're in danger, so they click themselves onto the Lion's feet. In the Morning Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion go to Kansas and The Witch reveals herself to Dorothy. The Lion gives up and gives the slippers to Truckle. When they return to Oz, they go to the Witch's castle and try to steal the Ruby Slippers back. But the Witch has other plans when she learns of them coming to rescue the ruby slippers.moreless
    • Crystal Clear
      Crystal Clear
      Episode 4
      The Wizard's balloon crashes in Crystaland. He is greeted by the Citizens of Crystaland, and invite him to their feast. the Wizard leaves a tuning fork for the Scarecrow. Dorothy and the gang arrive in crystaland after the Wizard has left. The citizens of Oz have made a new Crystal Ball for Glinda. The Witch arrives and steals it! She also captures the Scarecrow. Dorothy, Tin Man, and Lion travel to the Witch's castle and help the Scarecrow break free, he then uses the tuning fork that the Wizard left for him to break the new Crystal Ball. Now the Witch is very angry. Dorothy and friends escape and travel back to Crystalnd. All ends well with the Emerald Star shining in the sky!moreless
    • Fearless
      Episode 3
      Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion are at a spooky Carnival trying to Find the Wizard...The Witch has disguised herself as a fortune teller and the Lion goes and visits her. She puts a spell on him so that every time he hears the word Courage he will get his Courage back, but when he hears the word again, he becomes Cowardly again. When The 4 friends are together they go into the Fortune Teller's wagon and a Deck of Cards spells out "Wizard in Pop-Land"(A clue left by the Witch). They travel to Pop-land...It's a dangerous place full of mean Jack in the boxes, and the Lion keeps getting reminded about his "Courage" They find the Wizard and the Witch shows up to ruin the day...Dorothy taps heels and water comes out of many Jack in the boxes and scares her away. The Wizard is blown away in his balloon...again. They four friends, and Toto too skip off down the Yellow Brick Road.moreless
    • Rescue of the Emerald City (2)
      Dorothy and the gang travel to the Emerald City where the Witch has taken Toto, and they find the City in terrible condition. The Scarecrow has a clever idea to break the pipes to the water system and floods the city. The Witch flies away scared.but still has the Diploma, Heart, and badge of Courage. Dorothy taps here ruby slippers together and the Emerald City is Restored! Glinda comes and places an Emerald Star in the sky. If it shines, they know that the Wizard is alive and well. So their search for the wizard must continue.moreless
    • Rescue of the Emerald City (1)
      Dorothy is back in Oz and she has learned that The Wicked Witch is back, apparently it was a clone that Dorthy melted the first time, and has sent the Wizard to Fort Nutcracker in his balloon. She has also stolen the Scarecrow's Diploma, the Tin Man's heart, and the Lion's badge of Courage. Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion find the Wizard at Fort Nutcracker. Right before they leave the Witch has the West Wind blow the Wizard and his balloon away. She and her monkeys capture Toto and take him. Dorothy is left heartbroken.moreless