The Wizard of Oz

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • This show rocks, regardless of artistic license with a film that--despite being infamous--also deviates from the original Baum book in numerous aspects.

    [quote]They MUST have ALL of the main characters, the ending of the film be damned![/quote]

    The end of the film sucked, because it wouldn't allow for more trips to Oz, and besides, the even more trippy Return To Oz ALREADY negated that "it was all a dream" garbage BS anyway.

    [quote]Next the title sequence shows us that the Wicked Witch wasn't melted at all, but merely turned to wood! The winged monkeys bring her back to life by putting her hat back on her head and putting her broomstick back in her hand. Now I'm starting to get worried.[/quote]

    You cannot kill good villains anyway, and besides, this allowed for Maguire to pen Wicked, his telling of the tale...from through the eyes of Elphaba...or as you would refer to her as, the so-called "Wicked" Witch of the West (even though as per the Maguire tale, Elphie wasn't really "wicked" until she went insane in trying to prove she wasn't wicked, and so a pox on that "she was always wicked" garbage).

    [quote]What they DO have is a total lack of self-esteem as they are constantly discrediting themselves when they display those supposedly "lost" attributes (to paraphrase the Scarecrow: "I have an idea, but since I don't have a brain, it musn't be a very good idea.")[/quote]

    The characters acted just as stupidly in the film too. Heck, during all three of their respective songs, they exhibited qualities they said they never had and during the giving of the said items, Scarecrow proved he still lacked a true brain by getting the math formula he said incorrect.

    [quote]and the dumb Wizard thinks he'd be safer taking to the air in his balloon than hiding inside the fort (a large opened door in the fort can clearly been see in the background).[/quote]

    The "dumb" Wizard IS safer in his spell-cast baloon than on foot, because the Witch could find him on foot and destroy him (and screw the fort, for the Witch's magic could destroy it within seconds, anyway).

    [quote]So, who cares? Let the Musicland citizens die of boredom for all I care, the rest of Oz will move on with their lives.[/quote]

    The denezins of all Oz branches--Munchkin, Quadling, Winkie, those of Emerald City, China Land, etc.--all care for each other and if a town that depends all of its livelihood on music LOSES music, then it would DIE and Dorothy would NOT let that happen, because the people of Oz are like a second family to her...even Elphaba and Truckle (probable desendant of Nikko, the original lead Winged Monkey)!
  • Super awesome!

    I used to watch this show as a child when it first came on. I loved it soooooooooo much and watched EVERY single episode! It was so interesting and I loved the storyline. I wish that I could see it again! I don't remember very much about it.........just that it was SWEEEET :O