The Wonder Years

Season 5 Episode 2

Day One

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1991 on ABC
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Day One
Kevin's first day of high school is not all it's cracked up to be. He tries to set himself up as the class clown, but it backfires. He is hassled by a nerd and his new teacher, Mr. Botner. Even Winnie can't make him feel better.

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  • A very wild special episode.

    This was a really good episode.

    It shows you how brutal High School CAN be. In those days (are in that area) highschool started at grade 10, instead of grade 9.

    Highschool is already going BEYOND rough for Kevin considering that:

    - A kid asking for his butt to be kicked keeps bugging Kevin (I'd like to see Wayne + Wart with him)

    - Mr. Botner a tough teacher Kevin has is in TWO of his classes. (US Gov & Study Hall)

    - And of course Wayne has to mess with Kevin, taunting him about "Sacred Seal Violation" = "Royal Flush"

    The best parts are with Botner. He gets so sensitive when someone rips paper out of a spiral bound notebook. When Kevin pushes him a bit too far, Bottner gives Kevin some detentions and turns the class against him.

    But finally, Kevin makes a stand and breaks Botner's spiral bound NB paper rule.

    That was truly the best part. When he tore that paper out, they showed a hard profile face of Bottner and blew a whistle in the background. And then soon everyone started breaking the rule. I was laughing on the floor at that scene.moreless
Scott Jaeck

Scott Jaeck

Arlo Bottner

Guest Star

Adam Sneller

Adam Sneller

Stuart Carpazian

Guest Star

Scott Menville

Scott Menville


Guest Star

Josh Berman

Josh Berman

Harold Grutner

Recurring Role

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    • (Kevin rips a sheet of paper out of a spiral notebook, in Botner's class. Botner's #1 violation. The camera pans hard on Botner's ear as he hears this. The sound of a whistle blowing is heard in the background. Botner shoots up and sees Kevin. Suddenly, Kevin looks kind of weak.)
      Botner: (trying to remain calm) All right, Arnold. You just bought yourself a week of deten...
      (The annoying chatty kid who wants to be Kevin's friend rips a sheet out of his notebook. Botner is startled.)
      Botner: Okay, now. I -
      (Another kid rips a sheet out. Soon the whole class follows, and everyone's breaking this #1 rule. Botner sits down weakly surrounded by the protestors.)

    • Mr. Botner: Now, Botner's rules for study hall. Numero uno -
      Kevin: Ah man.
      Mr. Botner: Arnold! Do you have a problem?
      Kevin: No....I....ah
      Mr. Botner: Oh come on, Arnold. I'm sure whatever you have to say is very important. After all, we can wait here as long as it takes. Even if it's all evening.

    • Narrator: That first week of high school, as I watched our class band together. I realized something about these strangers I'd just met. Strangers I hardly knew. Strangers who were just like me. We were all sharing the same feelings. The same fears, the same loneliness. We were just starting out, and there was only one direction to go. So we went - together.

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