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Favorite Episode?

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    my favorite wonder years episode was Indepenace Day, I nearly creid.
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    I also think the pilot episode was one of the best, if only for the last scene. How can you top their first kiss playing to "When a Man Loves a Woman?"

    And to top it all off, the final narrative piece by Daniel Stern is perfect. Totally sets up the show as one about experience and memories and all the warmth and emotion that is associated with it. I actually have the quote from the last scene in the pilot episode. Ironically, it ends with the word wonder, just like the last episode.

    "…but I think about the events of that day again and again, and somehow I'm sure that Winnie does too. Whenever some blowhard starts talking about the anonymity of the suburbs, or the mindlessness of the TV generation. Because we know that inside each one of those identical boxes, with its Dodge parked out front, and its white bread on the table, and its TV set glowing blue in the fallen dusk, there were people with stories. There were families bound together with the pain and the struggle of love. There were moments that made us cry with laughter. And there were moments, like that one, of sorrow and wonder."

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    So many good episodes...

    The Pilot is excellent, so is Swingers the follow up to the pilot. Hero was always one of my favorites. But overall, I don't think you can beat the two-episode arc of Heartbreak and Denial where they go on the joint field trip to the museum, Kevin and Winnie break up and then Kevin has Paul throw a party. At the end of Heartbreak we see the two buses go different ways with "God Only Knows" playing. At the end of Denial (the next episode)is probably the best scene in the entire show: after telling Winnie he doesn't need any more friends, Kevin finds Jack in the garage and breaks down crying.

    So good.
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