The Wonder Years

Season 5 Episode 4

Frank and Denise

Aired Unknown Oct 23, 1991 on ABC
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Frank and Denise
Denise and Frank seem to be made for each other, until Denise turns her eye to Kevin because he understands poetry. Although she breaks up with Frank and kisses Kevin, Kevin thinks it would be better if she went back to Frank because they are a perfect match.moreless

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  • The series was very strong so far through the first 4 seemed to take a bit of a lesser stint in season 4, only to rebound with one of the series' best episodes with "the accident". Season 5 is considerably lower quality, as this ep. shows.moreless

    Ok so I watched this show on and off when I was a kid and really remember enjoying it, but not being that big of a fan (Fred Savage is 2 yrs older than me, so I watched this show mostly as a kid). I got back into it recently in reruns and am trying to watch the series in order (I actually started watching it with my wife--because she loved this show).....and then I ended up really loving this show. The first 3 seasons were perfect, not a bad show at all in them, and maybe 1 or 2 less than stellar, but not terrible shows. Season 4 showed some signs of a decline, but it never actually had any bad episodes, just a few "filler episodes".

    So far season 5--I'm through the Full Moon episode--has been pretty weak. The first episode tried to emulate the magic of the past with "the Lake" where Kevin yet again falls in love in the summer only for it to end. That wasn't a bad episode, but it was a rehash of maybe the 30th such episode idea for this show, and just didn't seem to work as well. Episode 2 of season 5 was the first day of school where Kevin again was a leader amongst the class against an obnoxiously unrealistic over the top teacher--this episode wasn't quite awful, but bland and a step down even from the Lake....not very successful, slightly below avg....

    Then we get to the "Denise the Grease" episode here....and it's just plain awful. The writers tried to force some sort of connection to 2 characters we never knew before and will never see again. I don't understand how Kevin could suddenly get in the midst of the 2 anyway (the connection was weak)....and what's worse the 2 actors Denise the Grease (while a real beauty) and the guy where AWFUL actors that ruined anything that could have possibly been good about this episode.

    I wonder (I'm not there yet) if this is an episode where the show "jumped the shark". It's easily the worst episode to date, a 2 out of 10 stars for bad acting, silly storytelling, poor transition/forcing something that doesn't relate to the main show, and just a blah episode in general......

    The very next episode "Full Moon..." is even worse. That will hopefully be a nadir for the entire series as we get a bunch of annoying side characters (losing Paul and Winnie in nearly every episode hurts the show, a mean spirited Kevin who stands up a girl (which is annoying for this show to do), the lesser reliance on the folks--barely in this episode also hurts.....hopefully these 2 aren't the sign of a jump the shark moment, but these two are very bad (that next Full Moon is an awful episode). Prior to season 5, I wouldn't give this show anything lower than a 6/10 and that was only maybe in 1-2 weaker episodes....suddenly we've got two straight under 2/10....awful.

    This show does need to be on DVD though, it's shocking that this hasn't happened yet.moreless

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    • Narrator: Poets say love comes and goes in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, in high school, it goes more than it comes. Still, in my high school, there was one couple whose love soared above all a winged chariot. The guy guys feared. The girl girls talked about. Denise Lovell and Francis Stanavukovich. Better known as "Frank the Stank", and "Denise the Grease". Frank and Denise weren't the cutest couple in school, or the most popular, and they definitely weren't the most likely to succeed. But they lived in a special world, where vows were made, promises were kept, and hearts were never broken. They had a bond between them that you could almost see. A bond that seemed to strengthen them in everything they did. They were a constant in a changing universe. Something rock-solid. A living monument to love.

    • Narrator: Poets say love comes and goes in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, in high school, it goes more than it comes.....And then from somewhere, I don't know - it just came to me.
      Kevin: Love is a river, flowing where we know not. The wound is deep, yet the river is wide.
      Denise: That's beautiful.

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