The Wonder Years

Season 6 Episode 22

Independence Day (2)

Aired Unknown May 12, 1993 on ABC

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  • I think the conclusion could have been better. It just seemed like they crammed all the last bits into 20 minutes and thats a lot of years they crammed.

    Loved the show but not so crazy about this episode. I really wish the show could have lasted longer. It would have been really nice if it could have ended when Kevin finished high school atleast. When I first saw the new credits and they showed Kevin, Paul, and Winnie in their cap & gowns I really thought we'd all recieve a proper ending with them graduating. Maybe producers planned on it but beyond their control, that wouldn't happen? I don't know. It was kinda upsetting when they started going through the future for all the characters. I felt it was really rushed and it was a shame we couldn't see it. It actually sounded like storyline, no longer believable as it should be. I don't know, I just wish it could have had a longer run and better ending...and I was so mad when Winnie cheated on him again!! Jeeez!!!
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