The Wonder Years

Season 6 Episode 22

Independence Day (2)

Aired Unknown May 12, 1993 on ABC

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  • Kevin faces the reality of his life ahead of himself as he works with his dad and older brother, his relationship with his new friends and most importantly deciding what to do about Winnie.

    Most successful television shows always seem to have problems with ending thier shows on a good note. This has happened to Seinfeld, M*A*S*H, Mary tyler Moore and many others. The Wonder Years is yet another example of a bad script and ending. Now Im not saying that just because Kevin and Winnie dont end up marrying makes it a bad script or ending, not the case at all: Its just this episode is badly done. First of all, Kevin has turned into a whiny, selfish kid. His friends are jerks (What happened to some of his great friends in school?), and Winnie isnt the nicest person in the world. Throughout the episode Kevin is nothing more than a total jerk and if not for all the history of us knowing what a great kid he once was, I would of changed the channel right away instead of watching this. Even once Kevin and Winnie are together, they dont work well together. One minute Winnie likes him, then she doesnt, then they hate each other. Its ridiculous to say the least.

    The final blow to me is the ending, which makes no sense at all. What was this show about? Kevin's love for Winnie. Why all of the sudden do you end the show saying that Kevin marries another girl while Winnie is waiting for him? This makes no sense to me. Most of the episodes are surrounding Kevin's love for Winnie and its obvious to me that the writer (The older Kevin Arnold who is telling us the story)still feels love for her today. It seems to me that the writers of this show wanted an uncoventional ending.....thats fine, but why this way? Wouldnt it of made more sense to have Kevin waiting for Winnie at the airport, after years at school, and then having Winnie arrive with her new husband then the other way around? Isnt this the exact opposite of what this show was about for many years? Its about Kevin growing up in the 1960's and 70's, but more importantly, his love for Winnie and most likely marrying her in the future. The ending was a total flop. I also wasnt thrilled at how the show spent a total of exactly 2 minutes explaining what happened to the rest of the Arnold Family. I wanted more. In conclusion I just dont recommend this episode unless you have to see what happens to all of the characters. Its best to remember the way they were before this terrible ending.
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