The Wonder Years

Season 6 Episode 13

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Rolling Stones

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1993 on ABC



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    • Narrator: And that's when I realized... there's all kinds of logic in this world. And a lot of it doesn't make any sense. That night, moved by the forces of teen logic, I'd stolen my dad's car... had a run-in with the police... a fight with my friends... and an accident. All in all... it was a great evening. Even if there were no Rolling Stones.

    • Narrator: Teen logic. At sixteen, it was a tool we used with abandon. And this logic came in all shapes and sizes. We used it to help us through life's tough moments. It helped explain our behavioral oddities. But never was out logic more useful, then when it lent creedence to a really hot rumor. It was a dull week in the winter of 'seventy-three. So the rumor had spread like wildfire. By junior year, I'd been down the old rumor-trail... one too many times. Maybe I was a little tough on the guy... but it was so clear to anyone with even a semblance of intelligence. Unfortunately... a semblance of intelligence was in short supply.

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    • License To Drive
      When Kevin tells Winnie he will pick her up and he starts his car and leaves. This is like the 1988 movie License To Drive, where Les tells Mercedes that he will pick her up and his two friends and has a chain of events that ends up in disaster.

    • When Kevin's father finds out that he is going to have to go Square Dancing, the narrator says that his mood changed faster than you could say "Sons of the Pioneers", which was a famous cowboy singing group from the 30's founded by Roy Rogers. A few scenes later, when the people show up to pick up Norma and Jack, Wayne says "Roy and Dale are here". (a second reference to Roy Rogers.)