The Wonder Years

Season 3 Episode 4

Mom Wars

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1989 on ABC

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  • Courageous choice

    A courageous choice for subject matter, since it's a difficult thing to render dramatically. And yet of course it's something that everybody has to go through--as youth, then as parent. Here it's done very nicely and low-key--and (as always) the VO supplies much of the emotion that might otherwise have been lacking. In particular Mills' response--hurt, angry, yet awkwardly forced to bow to the inevitable--seems wonderfully apt.
  • Struggling during the throes of inevitable change in their relationship, Mom and Kevin feel the pain and make it universal.

    So many of the episodes made me tear up at the end...but Mom Wars made me bawl. It was a beautiful illustration of the painful separation between mother and child. Oh, it still gets to me when I think about it.
    For the first time, I saw the Mom character as a full person, saw her pain as she let her son go, and she watched him break those bonds or cut those strings, pick the metaphor.
    And I saw how he saw her pain but still had to continue to cause it, it was poignant.
    And funny, at one point, in order to get Kevin to miss the football game, she forces him to come shopping for pants with her. Do you remember the scene in the department store, she notices that the crotch area in the pants is too roomy and, in a quick fantasy, the PA system announces, "Attention all shoppers, plenty of room in KEvin Arnold's crotch."
    I laughed, I cried, etc.