The Wonder Years

Season 1 Episode 3

My Father's Office

Aired Unknown Mar 29, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

Kevin's father has been coming home from work in a very aggressive state. Sometimes, he'd even go outside alone and look through a telescope at the stars. One day, on the bus, Kevin, Paul, Wayne, and Wart are having a conversation about the fields of work they wish to enter. Wart says if his fallback doesn't work, he'd likely go into business with his father. Kevin then asks what Wart's father does. When Wart gives a vague answer, Wayne calls Wart stupid for not knowing what his father does. Wart, however, reverses this, since Kevin doesn't know exactly what his father does either. Kevin begins to wonder about this, and why his father comes home from work in a state that makes him unapproachable. Eventually, he gathers the courage to ask his father about his job at Norcom. After initial rejection, his father agrees to bring him to work the following day. After experiencing what a commanding position his father has, Kevin daydreams about himself holding that position. Kevin's father then takes him to what he refers to as "...the most important part of the working day: the coffee break." Kevin and his father talk about how he got to hold the position of manager of distribution and product support services. Kevin's father reveals that he wanted to be the captain of a ship. After the break, they return to his office only to have his boss yell at him for not answering his call and messing up an account. They return from work in the same fashion: they both slam the door behind them and walk quickly away whilst loosening their ties. That night, Kevin follows his dad outside, who is again looking at the stars. His father shows him the North Star, Polaris; the star that would guide the sailors home.
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