The Wonder Years

Season 1 Episode 3

My Father's Office

Aired Unknown Mar 29, 1988 on ABC

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  • Perfect

    This episode was just perfect. Kevin is tired of how scary his dad can be, especially because he remembers how his father used to be fun. So, he accompanies his father to work.

    what i liked- Kevin imagining he was in charge of how things ran, the flashback to Kevin and his dad playing at the beach, Kevin's dad telling him how he wanted to be a captain of a boat when he was younger, the ending with Kevin finding out why his dad looks through the telescope, etc. Great, perfect episode. Need I say more? A+
  • In this episode Kevin accompanies his father to work for one day and gets a little insight to his father's character.

    In few other episodes does a viewer get such a look at the life of Kevin's father. This episode is one of the earliest I can originally remember watching and it was the episode that brought "Blackbird" by the Beatles into my life.

    As intimidating as his father can be, this episode really helps Kevin see why his father is the way he is through a day of work. He sees the decisions his father makes and how the people he is around all day affect the father Kevin knows only as being standoff-ish, wanting only to watch his TV in peace at home.