The Wonder Years

Season 3 Episode 17

Night Out

Aired Unknown Mar 13, 1990 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Narrator: Everyone knows what happens when you fall in love. You hold each other close, you kiss, and then... you live happily ever after. For Winnie Cooper and me, "happily ever after" had arrived. After years of waiting... we were ready to face the future, together. Passing notes in class... sharing Tater-tots at lunch... being a couple. It was all kinda... wonderful. Course, in eighth-grade, part of being a couple is doing what other couples do, even if it was, well, kinda stupid. And so long as we had each other, we were ready for anything. Well, almost anything. Anything, but -
      (Cut to the cafeteria.)
      Robbie: You guys want to come to a little party?
      Narrator: Robbie Hudson. RFK's answer to Hugh Hefner. When Robbie spoke, everybody listened.
      Robbie: My house. Friday.
      Kevin: Us?
      Robbie: Hey! You guys are the new couples in school. And my parties are couples-only. What do you say?
      Narrator: You have to understand... this guy was no ordinary ninth-grader. His parties made reputations.

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