The Wonder Years

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1988 on ABC

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  • excellent pilot

    Very well constructed. The ending was amazing, setting up Kevin and Winnie will always be apart of each others lifes!!! Brians death was very sad but made the episode so much better
  • Perfect Pilot Episode

    What i liked- Kevin throwing the apple (I was expecting him to like take a bite out of the apple, but throwing it was a lot better), Kevin and Winnie kissing, the news that Brian died (even though that made the last few minutes of this episode pretty depressing), Kevin's brother repeateadly bugging him about Winnie, amongst other things.

    Great pilot episode. It had some humor, and some good emotion, particularly the last few minutes when we find out that Brian had died. A+ episode, definitely
  • What a great start to an 'wonder'ful series!

    So, I was only six or seven when this series debuted and I can vaguely remember viewing it from time to time, and that I enjoyed watching it with my parents, but really nothing specific.

    Tonight, (4/2/2007) this episode was shown on a new network (ION) and I flipped over to it when nothing else was on. While watching, I was amazed at how great this series really was and reminded as to why my parents tuned in each week.

    In this, the first episode, so many things were delt with and it really gave you a wonderful preview of the great things to come. There's Kevin's family life, his friends, his first days of Jr High, his love for Winnie, his first disciplinary incident, the death of a beloved friend and his first kiss! So much depth, character development, wonderful dialogue, comedy and drama. I don't think it really gets better than this as far as pilot episodes go.
  • Why "the Wonder Years" got such a success

    For me, The Wonder Years are a reminder to my childhood. Apart from that it's funny and educative.
    It shows how the people tried to stop wars, while others were more happy than ever that the wars were happening. It's the time when young people are starting to live together without having to be married.
    The pilot episode shows you Kevin Arnold, a regular suburban boy, who gets into puberty and can't help it but getting crazy about girls.
    The pilot episode is the key episode to the 8 seasons that follow, because it explains already a lot about the situation of Kevin and his Family.
  • One of the most clearly defined pilots ever

    Apart from some alterations with the set dressing and perhaps a change of film stock, this is one of the closest pilot episodes to the rest of a series ever made.

    I was thirteen and living in a small town in England when this show was first shown. What makes the show so incredibly universal is the way that, twenty years on and (arguably) six thousand miles from where the show was set, the themes struck a resonance with me. The place within a family, school life, the first kiss; all these elements struck a chord and it's fair to say that these are the things that attracted viewers the world over.

    The Wonder Years always featured some of the best short story writing in television, and the pilot absolutely laid the groundwork for this. Attention to period detail, character expansion and winsome story-telling are surely what attracted the cast to this script. I remember Fred Savage saying in an interview that there was something special about the pilot's script that attracted him to doing the show, and you have to agree.

    Wouldn't it be great to relive these stories on DVD in their original format, complete with music and picture quality.
  • A very EMO pilot.

    For being a pilot, this episode is fairly well put together. I love how all the main characters of the show are presented to the audience and how they feel to you as if they were your actual friends and family members. We go from a very happy summer time to a very sad moment in this episode which made me feel very uncomfortable. Still, the show feels more like a drama than a comedy which is not so good for me. I prefer the episodes in which there are jokes and there is also drama. Still a very nice start for a great series.