The Wonder Years

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1988 on ABC

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  • What a great start to an 'wonder'ful series!

    So, I was only six or seven when this series debuted and I can vaguely remember viewing it from time to time, and that I enjoyed watching it with my parents, but really nothing specific.

    Tonight, (4/2/2007) this episode was shown on a new network (ION) and I flipped over to it when nothing else was on. While watching, I was amazed at how great this series really was and reminded as to why my parents tuned in each week.

    In this, the first episode, so many things were delt with and it really gave you a wonderful preview of the great things to come. There's Kevin's family life, his friends, his first days of Jr High, his love for Winnie, his first disciplinary incident, the death of a beloved friend and his first kiss! So much depth, character development, wonderful dialogue, comedy and drama. I don't think it really gets better than this as far as pilot episodes go.
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