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  • The best coming-of-age television series ever! It was hopeful, hilarious, insightful, touching, and well-written.

    The best coming of age television series ever. It tugs at your hearstrings, makes you laugh, and gives you true insight into life in the process. You could truly relate to Kevin's ponderings and home life, no matter what your family was like. It dealt realistically with the way relationships evolve and how real life lessons are learned--through experience. Kevin's ponderings were more insightful, and self-aware then most, but the series never become too over the top or dramatic, as it was rooted in the impact that normal day to day life and experiences have on the emotional lives of most people.

    Although it was called overly sentimental by some critics, I think that it wasn't and had the right touch of optimism, hope, disappointments, funny moments, and worthwhile insights. Things didn't always turn out great for Kevin, and at times he misunderstood or interpreted a situation, but the nugget of truth about life or humanity was found by the end of the episode. These were good people, living in real life constraints and concerns, and finding the sometimes humorous and sometimes heartfelt meaning from it.

    The series did flounder in its later years, as it dealt with an almost grown Kevin, and seemed unprepared in how to maintain its tone while Kevin became more world-wise and less innocent. Basically, the series was about coming of age, and Kevin basically was nearing the end of that phase. The quality of the writing was also difficult to maintain later in the series, as it seems that the inspiring coming of age moments had already been dealt with, and the series wanted to avoid dramatic soap-opera like twists and turns, like other series, and keep the show grounded.

    It was an admirable attempt, and I think the next great coming of age series will have to plan its seasons out better, and be willing to take creative risks to tell less plot-driven stories and yet keep the audience engaged.

  • The best show of all time.

    I grew up watching this when I was still a kid, so I always wondered if when I got to middle school and high school if it would be anything like in this tv show. I was pleasantly unsurprised that it really wasn't, as I think this show really nailed the heart of pre-teen and young adolescent life better than any show before it or after it ever did. Although it was set in the 60s, I think all the major themes of life as seen through the adolescent mind still apply to the present. At its heart this was a show about nostalgia, but in a realistic rather than overglorified way. Full of memorable characters that you may swear you knew in real life and a killer soundtrack, this show was very much grounded in reality.

    This is probably one of the most requested shows on dvd, and if it is ever released everyone ought to buy it. There's so many classic episodes, but with all the music copyrights with it I wouldn't be surprised if it's never released, or released without the original music(which they had better not do).
  • one of the best ever.

    every character had their own, interesting storyline and almost every episode was entertaining. even though the series was set in the 60s (or was it the 70s?), i totally related to it while growing up in the 80s. even the guest stars and music were tight. on all fronts, a strong show. rare.
  • This is one of those shows that desperately needs to be released on DVD.

    No matter what time period you grew up in, this series is simply timeless. My own wonder years were during the 90's, about 30 years following The Wonder Years, yet I felt Kevin's experiences matched my own. The TV show wasn't merely about capturing a period in time (though I am partial to the music of the era), but showing the growing pains of Kevin Arnold and those around him.

    I found myself likening my own experiences to those of Kevin. In fact, I once described one of my own dating experiences, and a friend replied, "That sounds like a Wonder Years moment."

    This show was beautifully written, and the characters were always enthralling. In actuality, I found the side characters to really provide the color to the stories. Paul, the nerdy yet endearing best friend was the perennial under dog. Winnie was the girl next door (and soon to be across town) that made your heart melt. Wayne, the annnoying older brother, was not simply one-dimensional and showed a human side towards the latter half of the series.

    This series captured a time in more ways than one. This deserves a place in some sort of TV hall of fame.
  • A story of a young boy named Kevin Arnold. The show deals with his everyday problems, to big decisions. It runs from the time when he was in Junior High, all the way till the end of High School. A great show to watch as you are growing up!

    This show is amazaing! It is a great show to watch as you are growing up. I know because I've been watching this show since I was about 5 years old. But people of all ages love this one! It is a really awesome show. There is plenty of of drama, comedy, and everyday problems for a person who is growing up. But no matter what age you are you are going to love this show no matter what! You defientaly want to check this one out its really awesome! :)
  • The Wonder Years, always telling you how to deal with stuff.

    This is one of the great shows of all time. A boy and his family living life during the 60's. Which just so happens to be one of the great decades of the world. This show is one of my personal favorites and I wanna see more re-runs. More people need to realize what a great show this was, even if it was WAY before my time that sure don't matter.
  • The show's not all that great, but still...(like the title could be changed to "The Wacky Years") it great at classic moments.

    After seeing previews of the show, it didn't look all that great. But at 6pm every night the NEWS after awhile gets tiring and you need a good laugh. But all the other shows were really low so, my family and I continued to watch this one.

    I gotta admit that "The Wonder Years" takes time to grow to one's taste. One like myself needed to at least sit down and watch 6 episodes or at least be in the room when it's on.

    I find the show sort of like a dramodey. Its wierd because it seems very real, as the narrator describes his stories as a teenager.

    Some of the episodes are really classic and have great classic moments (like the Hardware store Kevin wants to go home early by saying 'it's almost 6pm'. His boss goes, 'almost isn't 6pm'. Although, the assistant convinces him to let Kevin go home early, Kevin later has a nightmare where he's carrying back breaking loads groaning, 'it's almost 6pm' His boss pulls out a giant pocket watch and shows Kevin grinning, 'almsot isn't 6pm' The time reads like 5:18pm).

    The dad on the show always seems stern, stressed out and quip to anger.

    The mom always seems the same. In fact whether she's crying, upset, happy, yelling, normal her face always looks pretty much the same.

    Wayne, the older brother is always giving Kevin a hard time.

    The sister seems to have a life of her own. She's so shy and we don't see her that much as we do with the other four.

    So overall, the show's not MUST see, but if you're trying to decide to watch something then you could consider watching this show.
  • Ahh the life of a teenager in the early years. Loving it loving it loving it

    This show is so alsome. I love this show so much. I miss it. Im 19, So I didnt watch it when I was younger. But ive gotten into watching it a few years ago, Then all the sudden they stoped playing it. I miss this show. Its a sweet show. Kinda reminds me of my house. In a little way. This show is truley a classic
  • This show was the first I really watched regularly. It will always be one of my fondest memories of my adolescent years.

    Who could have ever dreamed this would be the show that would begin the craze of debuting hits after a Super Bowl? It makes me wish that I had a narrator talking about my life after I did something that I would live to regret or remember, like Kevin Arnold had.

    I think the show lacked a little, though, in edge. I think they could have developed a harder edge with the show, especially the relationship between Kevin and Winnie Cooper, but I guess they wanted to keep it a family show, and I can live with that.
  • Classic...

    I have never had so much fun watching TV before or after "The wonder years". Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper were my friends and I could not possible imagine life without them. So many years after the show ended when I saw Kevin Arnold's pic in one of my friends computer screen NOSTALGIA did HURT. I mean it brought back memories of the yesteryears. It was very easy to relate to everything that Kevin was going through although I was from another world in India. His love interest the cute Winnie Cooper made it all the more interesting. Loved his best friend, though he did look like a nerd. I specially remembered a scene when Kevin kissed Winnie in the beach. Saying this might sound like saying a lot but it is just the truth. Sometimes the show seemed to me more important the books that I studied in school. A tutorial. It will always be close to my heart and fondly remembered. I can assume its like this for many of us around the world. Miss you Kevin.
  • They don't make shows like this anymore.

    I think this exchange sums up what made the show so special:

    Kevin: Hi.
    Winnie: Hi.
    Kevin: ... Hi.

    Any Wonder Years fan will understand what that subtle, sweet bit of dialogue is all about, and why even today, the show remains one of the most ingeniously written and produced of all time.
  • Can anyone say Kevbo? This show is about Kevin Arnold and his life in the 60's, early 70's in suburban America.

    This is the best show a person of family can sit down and watch. Kevin Arnold deals with his life as a teen and young adult in this classic personal favorite of mine. He always takes life as it comes no matter what incidents he may wind his way into and along the way he meets Winnie Cooper. To see how that goes i would urge anybody to go out and buy their copy of the 115 episodes from The Wonder Years; I am a proud owner of the DVD set. Personally I think it should be back on the air ! Keep Wondering but theirs only one Wonder Years.
  • Kevin Arnold , the main character, faces some rite of passage on his way to adulthood. Kevin lives with his brother Wayne, his sister Karen,his father Jack and his mother Norma. He grows up with his on and off again girlfriend Winnie Cooper and with his b

    I loved the Wonder Years. To me it was one of the best shows on T.V. I remember watching this show. I wish that they would bring this show back on the air. This show is a classic and is truly missed. Fred, Jason, Olivia, Danicia, etc as actors did a very good job portraying their characters. They made the characters believable and real. I really like the characters Kevin and Winnie. The way that they put so much emotion and depth into these characters made you feel like you was there and it made you feel as if you were experiencing whatever they were feeling at that moment. It would really be great to see this show again.
  • Truely a classic

    I remember watching this show when it first aired. I loved it. I loved that the setting was back in time. It showed a different era then I grew up in, but not to far off. So I could relate to some of the things on the show that I also lived through. It was fun to see things like the kitchen table that we had in our kitchen as a child. The acting was great and so were the story lines. The situations that the kids all had to go through were things that all kids could relate to in some way or another. Another great classic
  • This show was so great to watch and always exciting

    I really loved this show i mean this is why i started watching Nick@Night i remember staying up late to watch it, really a great show and made u think about what u would do in that situation and really a great family based show,i miss the show and wish that it still came on definitly a Great show
  • Growing up and watching The Wonder Years was a perfect combination.

    The Wonder Years’ appeal was its simplicity and the fact that it is very recognisable. Going through highschool brings along different emotions. With yours friends, your family… We all have a Winnie or Kevin walking around in our memories.

    His family always made me laugh too. The strict dad, mom always in the kitchen, Wayne picking on his little brother and the hippie sister. Sidekick Paul was also a great addition to the cast.
  • Good Old Wonder Years, you gotta love this show!

    This Show is really a classic, i remember when this show was on nick at night when i was a little kid! Too bad they dont show re runs on abc family anymore! I have to say this was really a funny show with many emotional stages too. They should come back with a movie where they are all older & have familys. The end of the show was so sad!
  • It's very original it its own way...I can't remember any other shows told in historical first person narration like this.

    It seems corny almost, having a grown man reminice about his childhood show after show. It worked so well though, and part of that was probably because we ourselves could identify a lot of our childhood with events that were happening to Kevin.

    As a show that took place largely with Kevin in middle and high school, I really enjoyed it since I was in that exact same place in my education. I had some of the same issues with my friends, or feelings for a girl that he did.

    However, I can't honestly say his family life was anything like mine.

    His father was very tough to see the guy smile was like catching lightning in a bottle. He truly loved his son and his family, it was obvious from certain things he said and did, but he was such a stern person that I feel he'd have been extremely difficult to live with. His mother was way too subservient to him, she never seemed to really say all that much. My main memories of her were when she was cooking and always had that same smile on her face.

    The interaction between Kevin and his older brother were great too. I didn't have a brother, but I could just about imagine our treatement of one another would mirror some of the trials and tribulations that they had together.

    It was just a great show, with great writing and characters, done in an original format. I hope Nick at Nite picks it up soon.
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