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  • Good!

    I have to admit that I love Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold. The cast included Dan Lauria and Alley Mills playing his sixties' parents, the Arnolds. Then there were his siblings, a sister played by Olivia D'Abo and a big bully brother played by Jason Hervey. Kevin was the youngest and we hear his thoughts from Daniel Stern's narration. The other cast members included Danica McKellar as his love interest Winnie and a geeky friend whose name escapes me at the moment. The show is going to be aired late on the I network in a couple of weeks. I have to admit that I liked it in the beginning but it wore off in time. It was different because there was no laugh track or audience. Most family oriented comedies of the 1980s had audiences and laughter. This show was different and it was also set in the 1960s with an unknown suburb as location. The creators, Neal Marlens and Carol Black, who created Growing Pains went on to create The Wonder Years. The writing was uneven at times but solid as the acting.
  • Fred Savage

    For awhile I used to watch this show pretty often, almost exclusively for Fred Savage. I just really enjoyed watching him interact with the cast and go through all his different weekly challenges and problems. This show had a very "lesson of the week" feel but I still enjoyed watching it.
  • Winnie Cooper is hard to get

    So did Kevin ever get Winnie in the end? I don't remember. It's been years since I've seen this show. I watched the first few seasons every week when I was young. This was a great show for the whole family to enjoy. I always heard that Marilyn Manson used to be Paul on the show. I doubt that is true but it would be funny if it was. Paul was such a tortured geek. It would explain a lot about Marilyn Manson. I wonder what ever happened to Fred Savage? Maybe he started some other metal band. Who knows.
  • A nice coming of age/family show

    This show paved the way for so many others and never really got the credit for it: Sex in the City (voice overs), Boy Meets World (coming of age-boy with older brother), Malcolm in the Middle (coming of age boy with older brother), American Dreams (60's period piece), and a few others. The relationship between Kevin and his parents and brother was universal in appeal . I loved the way this show captured the imagination that a child has and allowed us to experience his journey to adulthood. The things he went through, the crushes on the neighbor, embarrassing himself and being picked on by his brother, are totally relateable.
  • Didn't watch all the time but...

    when I did I really enjoyed.
  • Good Old Wonder Years, you gotta love this show!

    This Show is really a classic, i remember when this show was on nick at night when i was a little kid! Too bad they dont show re runs on abc family anymore! I have to say this was really a funny show with many emotional stages too. They should come back with a movie where they are all older & have familys. The end of the show was so sad!
  • Great show!

    One of my favorites and has to be amazing. Kevin and Winny that was classic. It was just fun to see all the season unfold and to see what was going to happen next. I dont know what i would do with my life if i hadnt watched that show.
  • The show's not all that great, but still...(like the title could be changed to "The Wacky Years") it great at classic moments.

    After seeing previews of the show, it didn't look all that great. But at 6pm every night the NEWS after awhile gets tiring and you need a good laugh. But all the other shows were really low so, my family and I continued to watch this one.

    I gotta admit that "The Wonder Years" takes time to grow to one's taste. One like myself needed to at least sit down and watch 6 episodes or at least be in the room when it's on.

    I find the show sort of like a dramodey. Its wierd because it seems very real, as the narrator describes his stories as a teenager.

    Some of the episodes are really classic and have great classic moments (like the Hardware store Kevin wants to go home early by saying 'it's almost 6pm'. His boss goes, 'almost isn't 6pm'. Although, the assistant convinces him to let Kevin go home early, Kevin later has a nightmare where he's carrying back breaking loads groaning, 'it's almost 6pm' His boss pulls out a giant pocket watch and shows Kevin grinning, 'almsot isn't 6pm' The time reads like 5:18pm).

    The dad on the show always seems stern, stressed out and quip to anger.

    The mom always seems the same. In fact whether she's crying, upset, happy, yelling, normal her face always looks pretty much the same.

    Wayne, the older brother is always giving Kevin a hard time.

    The sister seems to have a life of her own. She's so shy and we don't see her that much as we do with the other four.

    So overall, the show's not MUST see, but if you're trying to decide to watch something then you could consider watching this show.
  • The Wonder Years is a comedy in the late 70's. The Wonder years started to brodcast on the fox network the later on moved to another channel. The wonder years taped their first epsiode in the late 1970's

    The Wonder Years is a classic show and should not have been taken off of the air. It was pretty funny watching Kevin and Wayne fight. I liked watching Kevin going to high school and working at a chinese restuarant. I enjoyed Jack yelling at them when they did something wrong when Kevin staring a protest in his high school year. The wonder years should have been picked up by another network not taken off of the air and I like Paul and Kevin always having lunch together. I liked to the wonder years back on the air with new episodes.
  • The Wonder Years was and still is one of the best family drama shows to ever grace television.

    The Wonder Years introduced the world to really what was the first true family drama. The story followed Kevin, who was the youngest of the kids. He had 1 best friend, and a love Whinny Cooper. The story is told through an older Kevin retelling his early days. It was wonderfully written, and superbly acting. Wonder Years was without a doubt one of the best dramas of the 80's. Now if only they would release the series on DVD someday.
  • Growing up and watching The Wonder Years was a perfect combination.

    The Wonder Years’ appeal was its simplicity and the fact that it is very recognisable. Going through highschool brings along different emotions. With yours friends, your family… We all have a Winnie or Kevin walking around in our memories.

    His family always made me laugh too. The strict dad, mom always in the kitchen, Wayne picking on his little brother and the hippie sister. Sidekick Paul was also a great addition to the cast.
  • best show of the 80's

    With all the hype of reality shows these days, "The Wonder Years" remains one of my favorite "reality-like" shows about growing up. With today's meaningless sex and money-driven reality shows, there are no solid, relevant ones for people who just want to be able to sit back and reminisce what it was like growing up in the suburbs.

    The best thing about this show was its remarkable ability to depict all aspects of a teen's everyday life--friends, relationships, family, and self, and how these things can change your entire outlook on yourself and your relationships with others. Even the simplest things make a big difference in life--and this show proves it.

    Another wonderful thing about this show is that everybody--no matter how "different" you are--can relate to it. Even though the show surrounded 60's and 70's pop culture, still you can always find some problem or conflict within each episode that correlates with your own life
  • A fantastic show for the first 4 seasons but still a favorite.

    The Wonder Years is the template for realistic family dramas/sitcoms that have come after, including one of my personal favorites Freaks and Geeks. Though preachy at times it should still be required viewing for anyone who thinks that Melrose Place, Party of Five or the OC are realistic dramas.

    The Wonder Years was at its strongest when dealing with the trials and tribulations of the Arnold household during the initial 4 seasons. During this period the show had two strong cores with which Kevin could interact: his family (Wayne, Karen, and his parents) as well as his core of friends (Paul and Winnie). The strength of these characters and the mostly realistic development of Kevin's interactions with these groups gave the show a connection to the people who viewed these seasons. On the strength of these first 4 seasons the Wonder Years was my favorite show however season 5 and 6 knocked it of that perch. Though these seasons occasionally hit high peaks the new groups of friends surrounding Kevin, even when augmented by Paul or Winnie, did not elicit the same emotional connection that had existed in earlier seasons. This was also the problem with Kevin's family core which sorely missed more appearances by Karen. Though I often thought she was a minor character, Karen's absence, and the void it created, made me re-evaluate her character.

    As a side note: The Wonder Years also gave us many memorable appearances by actors who wouold go on to much larger stages including Alicia Silverstone, Lanei Chapman (Space: Above and Beyond), Seth Green, Dustin Diamond (Saved By the Bell), Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager), Giovanni Ribisi (Friends), and my personal favorite David Schwimmer at his coolest.
  • Such is Life

    The Wonder Years was a phenomenal show that depicted the dreams, aspirations, joys and sorrows many of us experienced while growing up in the 50's, 60's and 70's.

    Many of the episodes really got down to the nitty gritty we faced during our adolescent years.

    But the main character, Kevin, was a pompous little prick. He was not an athlete, he was not intelligent, he lied and finagled his family and his friends. How he dated all those young girls in his classes belied comprehension. And Kevin's friends with the exception of Winnie and Paul were imbeciles.

    The best character was Paul but there were occasions where he was a complete idiot.

    Thank god the show went beyond the characters and relied more on the situations Kevin faced while growing up.

    I still like this show very much but Kevin still irks me to this day!

  • Accurate portrayal of the period

    I was in Jr. and Sr. High School in the San Fernando Valley during 1968-1972, and the series is amazingly insightful about the realities of the time. The one nitpick that I had with it was that almost none of the kids had dysfunctional or broken families, and as I remember, many of my classmates were in those kind of homes. But having seen it again for the first time in about twenty years, it has held up strongly over time. A real winning concept and production. It never resorted to over-the-top buffoonery or one dimensional cartoonish characters. The humor and sensitivity were real.
  • Finally in DVD!

    Hey guys,

    i've just red that The Wonder Years will be released on dvd soon. On the-wonder-years .com they say in the second half of 2014!!
  • I can only imagine what sort of memories I would recall from watching it again.

    I loved watching this show when I was younger and it is one of the few shows that I would gladly rent out to watch. I can only imagine what sort of memories I would recall from watching it again. I fell in love with Fred Savage from watching The Wonder Years. With the combination of romance, comedy and the usual teenage "issues" it spoke to the young and old. Breaking the barrier of age as the older generation could look back and remember what "the wonder years" were like for them and the young generation could watch and see that they were going through the so called "wonder years". This show was fantastically written.
  • one of the best ever.

    every character had their own, interesting storyline and almost every episode was entertaining. even though the series was set in the 60s (or was it the 70s?), i totally related to it while growing up in the 80s. even the guest stars and music were tight. on all fronts, a strong show. rare.
  • Pretty Good Show

    The Wonder Years is a show I grew up watching. I love it, it is a show that almost every kid could relate to. I wouldn't call it exactly funny, but more drama. Some of the situations are funny. I gave The Wonder Years a 9.1/10. I plan on buying the DVD collections!
  • cool 80's show

    I've loved the wonder years ever since I first saw it on Nick at Nite. This is basically a story about a kid named kevin arnold growing up and having typical trouble with his on and off girlfriend winnie cooper, his obnoxious but funny brother wayne, his hippie-like sister karen, and his nerdy friend, paul phieffer. There are many things that make this a cool show to watch: the conflicts with wayne and kevin can provide some of the shows great moments, mr. arnold and the looks he gives people(you guys know what i'm talking about), the occasional kiss from winnie cooper, and the narration that goes along with it. It's a wonder if you haven't watched this show at least once before!
  • The best part about this show was Winnie Cooper.

    A timeless coming of age story about a young teenage boy named Kevin Arnold. The wonder years was just one of those shows that actually related directly to us teens. It was just a rollercoaster of a time watching as young Kevin went through some tough times in his life with his parents and annoying older brother Wayne. The best part about this show was Winnie Cooper. Danica McKellar was a great find and just owned that part, she didn't even have to say much to make us fall in love with her. This show had everything, from a great writing team, to an even greater character, and set design. No doubt that the Wonder Years will go down in television history as a great work of art.
  • Ahh the life of a teenager in the early years. Loving it loving it loving it

    This show is so alsome. I love this show so much. I miss it. Im 19, So I didnt watch it when I was younger. But ive gotten into watching it a few years ago, Then all the sudden they stoped playing it. I miss this show. Its a sweet show. Kinda reminds me of my house. In a little way. This show is truley a classic
  • Classic...

    I have never had so much fun watching TV before or after "The wonder years". Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper were my friends and I could not possible imagine life without them. So many years after the show ended when I saw Kevin Arnold's pic in one of my friends computer screen NOSTALGIA did HURT. I mean it brought back memories of the yesteryears. It was very easy to relate to everything that Kevin was going through although I was from another world in India. His love interest the cute Winnie Cooper made it all the more interesting. Loved his best friend, though he did look like a nerd. I specially remembered a scene when Kevin kissed Winnie in the beach. Saying this might sound like saying a lot but it is just the truth. Sometimes the show seemed to me more important the books that I studied in school. A tutorial. It will always be close to my heart and fondly remembered. I can assume its like this for many of us around the world. Miss you Kevin.
  • The Wonder Years follows Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) in the 60s.

    The Wonder Years follows Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) and his day to day life in the 60s. I really think the show is a classic and can remember watching this on the Disney channel as a kid myself. I think there are many episodes of The Wonder Years that I can relate to. The show pretty much had everything, but perticulary comedy. It could always make me laugh and I was sad when it finally came to an end. All in all I would recomend watching this if you have not before, Its definately worth giving it the chance that it deserves.
  • One of my favorite shows ever!

    Man I really wish I was a kid around this time. I watched this show so much. The songs are watch makes the show. The narrator's voice is so good. He fits perfectly. I love how it teaches life lessons. There is a great mix of drama and comedy. I wish this show would come out on dvd because I would buy it in a heart beat!
  • It's very original it its own way...I can't remember any other shows told in historical first person narration like this.

    It seems corny almost, having a grown man reminice about his childhood show after show. It worked so well though, and part of that was probably because we ourselves could identify a lot of our childhood with events that were happening to Kevin.

    As a show that took place largely with Kevin in middle and high school, I really enjoyed it since I was in that exact same place in my education. I had some of the same issues with my friends, or feelings for a girl that he did.

    However, I can't honestly say his family life was anything like mine.

    His father was very tough to see the guy smile was like catching lightning in a bottle. He truly loved his son and his family, it was obvious from certain things he said and did, but he was such a stern person that I feel he'd have been extremely difficult to live with. His mother was way too subservient to him, she never seemed to really say all that much. My main memories of her were when she was cooking and always had that same smile on her face.

    The interaction between Kevin and his older brother were great too. I didn't have a brother, but I could just about imagine our treatement of one another would mirror some of the trials and tribulations that they had together.

    It was just a great show, with great writing and characters, done in an original format. I hope Nick at Nite picks it up soon.
  • What about a reunion?

    I really loved this show and hoped that they would have a reunion or comeback episode/ movie.
    It was a good family show that we always sat down and watched together.
    All the characters were great and the storylines were way above the standard of the day.
    A few shows have been brought out since that are similar but nothing beats the original.
  • Still on Netflix, People!

    Okay, they took The Wonder Years off Amazon Prime. BUT IT'S STILL ON NETFLIX!!! Don't scare me like that! I came on here after checking with Amazon Prime, to see if I was dreaming or something, and I saw only ONE episode available???????? NO WAY! I almost had a heart attack! I went on IS STILL AVAILABLE!! Hopefully until the DVDs are delivered safely to its fans. DON'T EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN! I Googled about Wonder Years being taken off Netflix and I didn't see a thing. PUT THE NETFLIX LOGO BACK ON EVERY SINGLE EPISODE that is available on Netflix! NOW!
  • absolutely amazing show!

    When I think of the past TV shows that I truly enjoyed when I was at the young age, this show is the first thing that comes on my mind as the best and very memorable show I've ever seen on the television history. Watching this show with my entire family is the main factor coz the bonding was really there! I can describe the topic of all the episodes from this show as realistic with moral values. I tried to search for a good seller online. I really wanted to get a copy of this show, and made my order at memorylanedvd. com . Fast shipping and received a good quality set. Very reliable company and I'm so thankful to own a copy of this precious TV series!
  • Amazing love-story/ drama/ comedy...

    Oy... I wish Fred Savage didn't get old... this show has been amazing. This show is about Kevin arnold, a 12-year old in 1968. Th basic premise was his on-gain/off-gain Relationship with his friend Winnie Cooper, his neighbor. I'm not a big fan of kiddie-love, but the pure innocence brings me back to my first few crushes. I also liked the humor. It was just so HILARIOUS!!! I can't even begin to describe it. Kevin fighting with his brother always has me rolling. The satire of high and junior high school also has me on the floor with laughter... All around, it's a great show.
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