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  • I can only imagine what sort of memories I would recall from watching it again.

    I loved watching this show when I was younger and it is one of the few shows that I would gladly rent out to watch. I can only imagine what sort of memories I would recall from watching it again. I fell in love with Fred Savage from watching The Wonder Years. With the combination of romance, comedy and the usual teenage "issues" it spoke to the young and old. Breaking the barrier of age as the older generation could look back and remember what "the wonder years" were like for them and the young generation could watch and see that they were going through the so called "wonder years". This show was fantastically written.
  • perfect show for the whole family!

    Wonder Years is the real QUALITY TV SERIES of all time! Am I right? I totally love watching this show! Every episode teaches us good moral values. The Wonder Years has all the best characteristics great actors, best scripts. I miss watching this show and as an avid fan, I've always wanted to have a complete DVD collection of this show. I placed an order at . DVDs were shipped exactly as promised! With great quality and full episodes! I couldn't ask for more. I feel lucky to have this set because it is a chance or should I rather say it is a gift to watch this show again! It was definitely the best TV series ever!
  • Wonder Years: at 14, I'm watching it and living it

    This show was in the 80's, but thankfully, I was caught up on The Hub like 2 months ago, and they show reruns of this. At first I had only heard about this show vaguely and hand't thought much about it or even know anything about it beyond its name. Then, one night I was bored and watched this on the hub. It was like crack to me! The thing that makes the Wonder Years fantastic to me is that it's so real. It's exactly what I've been through to detail it's like they stalked me and made a show about my life, and used a white kid instead. Literally everything Kevin did so far I can vividly recall myself doing. I remember going to the revolutionary dance, I remember my first kiss, I remember my best friend, I remember insecurities...I just remember everything that Kevin did in this show. As cliche as this sounds, I'm serious! Literally everything that Kevin went through happened exactly like it did for me to every little detail to the point of the rare instances where characters repeat things word for word I heard in my life. They don't make shows like this anymore. The show takes place in the 60's, but it's timeless. And I wish some loser would give this show a bad rating! Any dude who gives this show a bad rating must've had NO childhood, NO friends, and NO life growing up. The only other explanation I can possibly fathom is that they're stupid. Or female, which I could understand more. But, what chicks have to understand is that the show isn't made for them. It's really made for dudes, and it's from a dude's perspective. If you're a chick you shouldn't be reviewing this show. Another thing that makes this show so real is that Kevin doesn't always win. It's not that magical fantasy world in every other show where everything turns out wonderfully and you're successful in everything you do, it's real life. Kevin looses and the ends to his misadventures suck sometimes. It's really like how it would go if this were real. You win some you lose some I haven't seen the later episodes yet, and I don't plan to until I'm older. I want to keep the show matched up with my age, so I can enjoy it more. I wish more kids my age would be more mature and incentive like me. While I'm enjoying a timeless classic, they're watching iCarly, which should be called iSuck. Even though I'm probably the only kid I know that watches this, I still love it. Kevin Arnold is a real character, something we don't see often. He's me, he's you, he's every 12 year old dude that had a life growing up.

    I would give my normal rating thing here, but I can't really considering the show isn't exactly original, it's more like they just snuck around, hid in bushes and filmed real kids without them knowing, then added some adult to make a commentary. Saying a show isn't original instantly makes you think it's not good, which is so far from the truth with this show. It pains me to see that as amazing this show is, it's not original, which isn't a bad thing here. So, on behalf of every dude in the world who had a real American childhood, The Wonder Years get's a perfect 10/10
  • The best show that I ever lived!

    This is the best show that I ever lived! I have watched every single episode about 3 times now. The final episode broke my heart when I found out that Kevin did not end up with Winnie. There were many other episodes that broke my heart, and made me laugh. It means so much to me that it has a dedicated spot on my iPod for every single episode. I only wish that there were more episodes. I wish that there was some type of reunion to update the story. By far, this is my all time favorite show!!!
  • The show is one of the best shows I've seen. I'm 18 and I saw the reruns and I can relate to some of the things that happened on the show.

    The Wonder Years show is one of the best shows of all time because its working class america during the 60's. I'm 18 years old and I love the show and I can relate to some of the things that has happened on the show. It's a show that can be on tv in any decade and you can relate to it.
  • Amazing love-story/ drama/ comedy...

    Oy... I wish Fred Savage didn't get old... this show has been amazing. This show is about Kevin arnold, a 12-year old in 1968. Th basic premise was his on-gain/off-gain Relationship with his friend Winnie Cooper, his neighbor. I'm not a big fan of kiddie-love, but the pure innocence brings me back to my first few crushes. I also liked the humor. It was just so HILARIOUS!!! I can't even begin to describe it. Kevin fighting with his brother always has me rolling. The satire of high and junior high school also has me on the floor with laughter... All around, it's a great show.
  • 10/10

    Great show, acting was fantastic. They found the good combo between comedy and stone cold drama that left me with my hand on my heart! This is the type of show that will make you laugh and cry in the same episode!!! It is so simple, that it is perfect! It deals with the simple concept of growing up, and faces challenges that all teenagers face. Every episode was so emotional. Episodes like good-bye and my fathers office were as good as tv can get. Uses a simple concept and turns it into pure tv gold. And let me just say that pilot episode was amazing, it dealt with the issue of the Vietnam war and nailed it to the point where viewers were brought to tears. And Winnie and Kevin WOW, what else can i say... perfect couple and as cheesy as it would of been, i wished that they ended up together. To sum up just a brilliant show. 10/10 My favourite show of all time. And im going to conclude with this, if you have watched the wonder years and never cried, you are a liar!!
  • The Wonder Years are the best years

    Few series have been able to capture the pain and triumphs of adolescence as The Wonder Years. The fact that the show was set in the late 1960's and early 70's--a time of major social change in the US--helped give this comedy-drama a unique voice. So did the actors that made up the tight-knit cast. To play young Kevin Arnold, the producers picked Fred Savage--who had appeared in several movies. Virtual unknowns Josh Saviano and Danica McKellar were tapped as (respectively) Kevin's best friend Paul Pfiffer and the love of Kevin's young life, the angelic Winnie Cooper. Rounding out the cast was Kevin's family; businessman and father Jack Arnold (Dan Lauria); homemaker mom Norma (Alley Mills); tormenting big brother Wayne (Jason Hervey) and hippie older sister Karen (Olivia d'Abo). To add some counterpoint to each episode, actor Daniel Stern was chosen to be the unseen narrator of the show, as the adult Kevin Arnold. Marlens and Black submitted the pilot script to all three major networks; ABC executives loved the concept and ordered six episodes as a mid-season replacement in early 1988. To play young Kevin Arnold, the producers picked Fred Savage--who had appeared in several movies. Virtual unknowns Josh Saviano and Danica McKellar were tapped as (respectively) Kevin's best friend Paul Pfiffer and the love of Kevin's young life, the angelic Winnie Cooper. Rounding out the cast was Kevin's family; businessman and father Jack Arnold (Dan Lauria); homemaker mom Norma (Alley Mills); tormenting big brother Wayne (Jason Hervey) and hippie older sister Karen (Olivia d'Abo). To add some counterpoint to each episode, actor Daniel Stern was chosen to be the unseen narrator of the show, as the adult Kevin Arnold. Marlens and Black submitted the pilot script to all three major networks; ABC executives loved the concept and ordered six episodes as a mid-season replacement in early 1988. The final narration by the adult Kevin beautifully summed up the experience that was The Wonder Years: "Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in diapers, the next day you're gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place...a town...a house like a lot of houses...a yard like a lot of other yards...on a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is...after all these years...I still look back...with wonder."
  • The Wonder Years is the best show of its kind, it set the way for shows such as Dawsons Creek and Party of Five, et al.

    Every person who watches this show can relate to at least one of the characters, be it Kevin; did you once have a Winnie, have you a brother like Wayne? So annoying you just want to strangle him? It is fantastic how they include America's history in with the story telling such as the Vietnam War. The music was great and the narrator tells the stories with such humour and warmth. I love this show!
  • I guess since my teenage years were in the 60\'s, I could relate to Kevins's problems with growing up, establishing relationships with friends, family and particularly girls.

    This has to be my all time favourite show. Not only because I grew up in this era, but the acting was superb,especially by the child actors. There have been other shows with child actors where the acting was to say the least wanting.

    The narration of Kevin's thoughts was excellent, much better then the Waltons. Who ever selected the music for each episode deserves alot of credit. The music just seemed to fit so well, no matter what the espisode. My favourite espisode was 'The Accident' which I believe really defined the relationship between Arnold and Whinne. The song 'We got tonight', it seems like this was written for this episode.

    I was so sorry when it went off the air. There just has not been a progam that is a must watch, as this program was.

  • the best show i ever seen i was in love with winy from when i first saw the show in 1988

    bring the show back there wil never be a show that will grow you up with such insperaition like this 1

    did the show was like you were watching your own life on tv i would go out of my way tho see the show every week and was heart broken when the show came to its final show! I will always miss this show
  • Can anyone say Kevbo? This show is about Kevin Arnold and his life in the 60's, early 70's in suburban America.

    This is the best show a person of family can sit down and watch. Kevin Arnold deals with his life as a teen and young adult in this classic personal favorite of mine. He always takes life as it comes no matter what incidents he may wind his way into and along the way he meets Winnie Cooper. To see how that goes i would urge anybody to go out and buy their copy of the 115 episodes from The Wonder Years; I am a proud owner of the DVD set. Personally I think it should be back on the air ! Keep Wondering but theirs only one Wonder Years.
  • This show was so great to watch and always exciting

    I really loved this show i mean this is why i started watching Nick@Night i remember staying up late to watch it, really a great show and made u think about what u would do in that situation and really a great family based show,i miss the show and wish that it still came on definitly a Great show
  • THis show was great.

    I don't understand why they took this show off tv land. This show was the only good one. It had a great theme song, story line, and actors. This show has everything a person could want. It is older then 7th Heaven and it is better. Why wouldn't you want that. You are always hoping for Kevin to get together with Winnie Cooper his crush. Its the average tv show of now but better. THe best thing would be to play the reruns. This show is awsome and it would be great if they brought it back. Bring it back.
  • A great 90's family sit com set around the Arnold family.

    A great 90's family sit com set around the Arnold family. The show was about the childhood memories of young Kevin Arnold played by Fred Savage. Basically the whole show was a flashback with the now older Kevin explaining his thoughts and feeling of the times. Theses thoughts and feeling came to us from the Narrator Daniel Stern. The rest of the cast included Alley Mills as the mom, Norma Arnold, Dan Lauria as the dad, Jack Arnold Jason Hervey as the brother Wayne Arnold and Olivia d'Abo as the sister Karen Arnold. Kevin's friends were Josh Saviano as Paul Pfeiffer and Danica McKellar as Gwendoline "Winnie" Cooper.
  • A story of a young boy named Kevin Arnold. The show deals with his everyday problems, to big decisions. It runs from the time when he was in Junior High, all the way till the end of High School. A great show to watch as you are growing up!

    This show is amazaing! It is a great show to watch as you are growing up. I know because I've been watching this show since I was about 5 years old. But people of all ages love this one! It is a really awesome show. There is plenty of of drama, comedy, and everyday problems for a person who is growing up. But no matter what age you are you are going to love this show no matter what! You defientaly want to check this one out its really awesome! :)
  • absolutely amazing show!

    When I think of the past TV shows that I truly enjoyed when I was at the young age, this show is the first thing that comes on my mind as the best and very memorable show I've ever seen on the television history. Watching this show with my entire family is the main factor coz the bonding was really there! I can describe the topic of all the episodes from this show as realistic with moral values. I tried to search for a good seller online. I really wanted to get a copy of this show, and made my order at memorylanedvd. com . Fast shipping and received a good quality set. Very reliable company and I'm so thankful to own a copy of this precious TV series!
  • A great show that cannot be duplicated!

    The Wonder Years was one of my favorite shows growing up. I remember sitting down in front of the TV every Wednesday to watch it. They really don\'t make shows like this any more, no matter how hard they try. This show really captures how it is to be a kid in any generation. This show is a classic and it is a great disservice that it is not being shown on TV or to have season DVDs at this point in time. The fans of this show deserve something. This show is not something that should end up forgotten.
  • One of my favorite shows ever!

    Man I really wish I was a kid around this time. I watched this show so much. The songs are watch makes the show. The narrator's voice is so good. He fits perfectly. I love how it teaches life lessons. There is a great mix of drama and comedy. I wish this show would come out on dvd because I would buy it in a heart beat!
  • It's very original it its own way...I can't remember any other shows told in historical first person narration like this.

    It seems corny almost, having a grown man reminice about his childhood show after show. It worked so well though, and part of that was probably because we ourselves could identify a lot of our childhood with events that were happening to Kevin.

    As a show that took place largely with Kevin in middle and high school, I really enjoyed it since I was in that exact same place in my education. I had some of the same issues with my friends, or feelings for a girl that he did.

    However, I can't honestly say his family life was anything like mine.

    His father was very tough to see the guy smile was like catching lightning in a bottle. He truly loved his son and his family, it was obvious from certain things he said and did, but he was such a stern person that I feel he'd have been extremely difficult to live with. His mother was way too subservient to him, she never seemed to really say all that much. My main memories of her were when she was cooking and always had that same smile on her face.

    The interaction between Kevin and his older brother were great too. I didn't have a brother, but I could just about imagine our treatement of one another would mirror some of the trials and tribulations that they had together.

    It was just a great show, with great writing and characters, done in an original format. I hope Nick at Nite picks it up soon.
  • The Wonder Years was and still is one of the best family drama shows to ever grace television.

    The Wonder Years introduced the world to really what was the first true family drama. The story followed Kevin, who was the youngest of the kids. He had 1 best friend, and a love Whinny Cooper. The story is told through an older Kevin retelling his early days. It was wonderfully written, and superbly acting. Wonder Years was without a doubt one of the best dramas of the 80's. Now if only they would release the series on DVD someday.
  • Didn't watch all the time but...

    when I did I really enjoyed.
  • Good Old Wonder Years, you gotta love this show!

    This Show is really a classic, i remember when this show was on nick at night when i was a little kid! Too bad they dont show re runs on abc family anymore! I have to say this was really a funny show with many emotional stages too. They should come back with a movie where they are all older & have familys. The end of the show was so sad!
  • Great show but....

    The father got on my nerves, a lot. But for the most part I enjoyed this show. Watch it in re-runs whenever they decide to show them.
  • A masterpiece

    This Tv show is simply so real. I have not come across any other show so amazing. I mean anyone watching this show will practically see his\her own child/teen hood being replayed on the screen. Each episode is unique in itself. I have become a fan of each & every soul who has appeared in the show & boy-oh-boy they have acted brilliantly. "The Wonder Years" deserves a thousand oscars to say the least.
  • The best quirky dramedy of the late 80's and early 90's to watch. This sitcom is about Kevin Arnold and his best friend entering junior high school in the late 60's and the early and mid 70's.

    I liked that show for a long time. I was seven years old and a first grader in grade school, when the show started. I was twelve years old and a sixth grader in junior high school, when the show ended. I remember watching the re-runs on syndication in the 90's. Kevin Arnold is the best character ever. His older brother, Wayne is a brat. His older sister, Karen is a flower child. He has his first kiss with Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper, the girl-next door, whose older brother, Brian was killed in the Vietnam War. His best friend, Paul Pfeiffer is the school brain. This drama paved the way for other critically acclaimed dramas like "I'll Fly Away", "Brooklyn Bridge", "Homefront", "Any Day Now", "Freaks & Geeks", and "American Dreams".
  • Timeless

    I only have a few things to say about The Wonder Years because at the end of the day the show speaks for itself. So....

    1. The Soundtrack - easily the largest and most established library of sixties classics ever used on one show. They should release it as a box set and you need never go wanting for a trip back to the days of flower power. And of course...Whaaaatt would you dooo, if I sang ouuut of tuuune......

    2. Storylines at the heart of every family - I don't think there's a single point in an episode of Wonder Years where I don't think that this is exactly how my family acts or that this has actually happened to me.

    3. Marv from Home Alone - Now come on, no one can argue that Daniel Stern as the voice of Kevin is nothing short of genius. He is probably my biggest memory from the show, if not only because he actually says more than Fred Savage. Plus it was nice to see he even got a hand in directing too.

    This show needs to be released in a comprehensive box so we can all sit down, watch over and over and learn how do be nice to each other again.
  • The Story Of My Life

    Although the charceters were a few years over, this is exactly what I went through growing up.
    Thats what made it great, I could relate perfectly, to almost every situation the show presented. The best thing was Kevins realationship with Winnie, I and most other guys went through the same thing. The longing for the object of your desire, the pure joy when you win her heart, and the unbearable agony when you lose her.

    The resolution of their story at the end of the series, was perfect. Thats what should have happened. After all, very few of us marry our childhood sweetheart!

    Very little else I want to say, the charcters were all on target. The best episode of course, was the one where the teacher died. A very well deserved Emmy indeed. A lot of folks were upset that the Father died at the end of the series. But that was good, because life does throw you a curve. Thats reality.

    I can only pray for a reunion someday. Syndication has bee a terriable disappointment.
  • the reason i got hooked on tv...

    before joey potter, isabel evans, brooke davis, veronica mars, summer roberts and dr. izzie stevens, there was winnie cooper. yeah. i was 13 (OMG! twas a decade ago) when this show was aired back home. i was so infatuated with her that my week wouldn't be complete if i didn't see her on tv.

    aside from her, the story is wonderful as well. my life was like kevin's. the things that are happening to him was happening to me at that point of my life. i surely can relate to what he was going through, being a teenager back then.

    this series is really cool. i bet the teenage drama series that we enjoy now is somehow, one way or the other, influenced by this show...
  • My Favorite show ever

    This show is one of the greatest sitcoms to ever air. I mean if you never seen it this is the type of show that can last for decades and still be a great show. It just takes you back to when you were a kid, your are constantly reminded of the things you experienced as a kid. This show could touch you like no other show could the music was always placed beautifully with the story, the narration by Daniel Stern was great. Though the show lost it's swagger toward the end it still kept you there if you loved the Arnold's like I did. The only 2 bad things I can say is this show did not have a proper send off with ABC not knowing whether to bring it back or not. The second is the fact that the DVD collection may never be released do to regulations with all the great music they used in the series. If it's ever released it is said that they may have to change certain music and that would really hurt the show.
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