The Wonder Years

ABC (ended 1993)





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  • Wonder years is a show worth seeing over and over again if you want to put a smile on your face. Everyone will get something out of it. Especially if you are a kid at heart.

    This show is my favoite of my lifetime. I've watched alot of tv, so that says alot about it. It is so wondefully told. It is funny, sad, embarrassing, every emotion possible. This show brings you back to when you were a child. Our inability to communicate effectively, the way we felt toward our parents, the crazy teenage years and everything in between. The loves that we have as kids.The silly things we thought were important. I can't even write here, how much I identified with this show. The old black and white footage of past events. It's like I can relive those times through this show for 30 minutes while I watch. And they WERE the wonder years. A time of innocence and laughter, of friends and family. I'd give away 100,000 to go back for one day when my dad was alive. Hell I'd give away my house.