The Wonder Years

ABC (ended 1993)





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  • Awe inspiring rendition of the life of a young, middle class boy growing up in confusing times...

    Of all the tv serials I've watched in my short lifetime, this one has to be the one that has managed to touch the very core of my soul. Although I lived in a totally different part of the world, I used to watch in admiration this deceptively calm and quiet story of an explosive period in American history playing out through the eyes of a middle class teenage boy.

    It traced the life of this boy for six years through six seasons. Fred Savage as Kevin was a wonder to behold. Although I am anything but American I used to identify with Kevin and held a deep understanding of the characters problems and dilemmas. When the tv series finally came to a halt, it was as if I lost a part of me. Truly a work of art. One word: Brilliant!