The Wonder Years

ABC (ended 1993)





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  • Timeless

    I only have a few things to say about The Wonder Years because at the end of the day the show speaks for itself. So....

    1. The Soundtrack - easily the largest and most established library of sixties classics ever used on one show. They should release it as a box set and you need never go wanting for a trip back to the days of flower power. And of course...Whaaaatt would you dooo, if I sang ouuut of tuuune......

    2. Storylines at the heart of every family - I don't think there's a single point in an episode of Wonder Years where I don't think that this is exactly how my family acts or that this has actually happened to me.

    3. Marv from Home Alone - Now come on, no one can argue that Daniel Stern as the voice of Kevin is nothing short of genius. He is probably my biggest memory from the show, if not only because he actually says more than Fred Savage. Plus it was nice to see he even got a hand in directing too.

    This show needs to be released in a comprehensive box so we can all sit down, watch over and over and learn how do be nice to each other again.
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