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ABC (ended 1993)





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  • Wonder Years: at 14, I'm watching it and living it

    This show was in the 80's, but thankfully, I was caught up on The Hub like 2 months ago, and they show reruns of this. At first I had only heard about this show vaguely and hand't thought much about it or even know anything about it beyond its name. Then, one night I was bored and watched this on the hub. It was like crack to me! The thing that makes the Wonder Years fantastic to me is that it's so real. It's exactly what I've been through to detail it's like they stalked me and made a show about my life, and used a white kid instead. Literally everything Kevin did so far I can vividly recall myself doing. I remember going to the revolutionary dance, I remember my first kiss, I remember my best friend, I remember insecurities...I just remember everything that Kevin did in this show. As cliche as this sounds, I'm serious! Literally everything that Kevin went through happened exactly like it did for me to every little detail to the point of the rare instances where characters repeat things word for word I heard in my life. They don't make shows like this anymore. The show takes place in the 60's, but it's timeless. And I wish some loser would give this show a bad rating! Any dude who gives this show a bad rating must've had NO childhood, NO friends, and NO life growing up. The only other explanation I can possibly fathom is that they're stupid. Or female, which I could understand more. But, what chicks have to understand is that the show isn't made for them. It's really made for dudes, and it's from a dude's perspective. If you're a chick you shouldn't be reviewing this show. Another thing that makes this show so real is that Kevin doesn't always win. It's not that magical fantasy world in every other show where everything turns out wonderfully and you're successful in everything you do, it's real life. Kevin looses and the ends to his misadventures suck sometimes. It's really like how it would go if this were real. You win some you lose some I haven't seen the later episodes yet, and I don't plan to until I'm older. I want to keep the show matched up with my age, so I can enjoy it more. I wish more kids my age would be more mature and incentive like me. While I'm enjoying a timeless classic, they're watching iCarly, which should be called iSuck. Even though I'm probably the only kid I know that watches this, I still love it. Kevin Arnold is a real character, something we don't see often. He's me, he's you, he's every 12 year old dude that had a life growing up.

    I would give my normal rating thing here, but I can't really considering the show isn't exactly original, it's more like they just snuck around, hid in bushes and filmed real kids without them knowing, then added some adult to make a commentary. Saying a show isn't original instantly makes you think it's not good, which is so far from the truth with this show. It pains me to see that as amazing this show is, it's not original, which isn't a bad thing here. So, on behalf of every dude in the world who had a real American childhood, The Wonder Years get's a perfect 10/10