The Wonder Years

Season 5 Episode 11

Road Test

Aired Unknown Jan 08, 1992 on ABC



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    • Narrator: And that's when I knew what I had to do. Like the young warrior cast out into the darkness of the jungle to prove his manhood... I was going to learn how to parallel park, the only way I knew how. Alone. This is it! Sure, I was committing grand-theft auto... but there was a greater need here. I had to take the chance... and I had to do it now. And the path was clear ahead. Or so I thought. At that moment I hit rock bottom. I couldn't drive, I couldn't park, I couldn't even remember to put away my father's lawnmower. I didn't think I couldn't feel any worse. Except then I did. The funny thing is, for a second I actually thought about running for my life. But somehow I guess I knew. I just couldn't run anymore. It was time to face the truth. And maybe in that moment... I learned something. About being a man. And I learned it... from the guy who wrote the book. That night my dad taught me a lot. How to parallel park. Why you put away the lawnmower... And in some small way - what it takes to grow up. That Monday he took the afternoon off... and we went and got my license. He was so proud. Then he took it away - and grounded me for a month.