The Wonder Years

Season 3 Episode 1

Summer Song

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1989 on ABC

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  • The Arnolds go on a small vacation down the shore.

    This episode is the perfect portrayal of a child's summer. It has all those feelings that one gets when he or she has to leave their vacation to go back to reality. It really brings back all those good times you have with your family. All those silly fights with your siblings and the first time your parents trusted you to go off on your own are also revealed in this episode. This is a wonderful episode filled with summer love and great music! The Wonder Years really brings back the great memories of childhood that one sometimes forgets. This show and episode will bring those memories back!
  • Typical early Wonder Years - that is, brilliant.

    I will remember to the day I die my original viewing of this episode. At the end, the narrator speaks of keeping his letter from Terri in a shoebox. At that point, I muttered: "It's the only one he ever got". This was immediately followed by the narrator saying: "It's the only one I ever got". My 13-year-old son turned to me in amazement and said "How did you know?" I replied (truthfully) "I've been there!"
    Absolutely superb and realistic episode. The Wonder Years was good to the end, but the first three years was the best television there ever was.
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