The Wonder Years

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Mar 22, 1988 on ABC

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  • another perfect offering

    what i liked- Brian's ghost appearing to Kevin, Paul's idea to steal the book about sex, Kevin and his brother fighting after he took the book from them, Kevin running out of the bookstore after giving the lady working a 20, the gym teacher drawing what a 'woman' looks like (couldn't stop laughing at how he drew a 'woman'), Kevin and Winnie hanging out on the swings to close the episode, amongst other things.

    Another perfect episode. Had some good laughs and a great plot. A+
  • A funeral and sex education.

    The first episodes of this series are so depressive. There is not much humor, although the episodes are good and pace very well. This episode is no different. The humor, I think, comes from the fact that Kevin and Paul are trying to learn about sex on their own while at the same time the sadness thanks to the death of Winnie's brother lingers in the air causing this episode to have a very strange taste. Heh, the kids look so very young in this episode and they are all around the same height!

    One of the strangest episodes of the series but very enjoyable.