The Wonder Years

Season 6 Episode 9

The Test

Aired Unknown Dec 02, 1992 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Kevin is watching "Let's Make A Deal" on TV to take a break from studying. Monty Hall hosted the show.

    • In the final scene, Kevin prepares to take the SAT, but when the proctor tells the students to open their test booklets, Kevin's is already open. (the seal is already broken)

    • Just after the scene in the ice cream shop where it cuts to the classroom, in the top right of the screen you can briefly see the boom microphone handle.

  • Quotes

    • Narrator: One thing a kid learns growing up, is that life... is a series of risks. It's a cause-and-effect relationship. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Still, with the proper guidance, we learn to deal with the risks. And pretty soon, we set out into the world... sure in our options, confident of our choices. Until, that is... eleventh-grade. The year of decisions. Around the middle of junior year... the risks increase. Almost overnight, the choices get harder. One guess why. The scholastic aptitude test. The living nightmare of American adolescents. Like some kind of biblical curse... the SAT's had descended on our class... reducing even the most-intelligent among us to a state of... flop-sweats. It was grim. After sixteen years of hard learning... our educational futures had suddenly been pinned down to four choices... "A", "B", "C"... and of course...
      Woman: Pudding, or Jell-O?

    • Narrator: That afternoon, Dad and I took the tour. We talked furniture. We talked life. We made plans. And the next morning, at 8:00 AM, seventy-eight students gathered in the McKinley cafeteria to take what was supposed to be the most important test of their lives. Everyone had a different way of coping that day. Some were more effective than others. But for all the risks and choices, I was one step ahead of them. After all, I knew that this was just one test in thousands I'd be taking in my life. None of them final, none of them irrevocable. And the way I saw it, maybe life was a risk. But this time, I was ready.

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