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  • Season 3 Episode 8: The Pimple

  • Where is the new Arnold family car they bought in the episode prior to this one? There is a completely different car in the driveway.

  • Season 3 Episode 7: The Family Car

  • The red station wagon that Jack looks over at the dealership is seen in several other episodes as a background vehicle.

  • The episode is supposed to take place in 1969. The song "I can see clearly now" by Johnny Nash was actually released in 1972.

  • There is at least one shot of Jack Arnold's old car, and it shows California license plates.

  • This episode is supposed to take place in 1969. In it, the narrator says the car was nine years old, but the FOR SALE sign on it said it was a '63 model. It would only be six years old if that was true.

  • Season 3 Episode 6: Odd Man Out

  • Kevin's baseball cards are 1989 Topps cards. They are not from the '60s. Not only are they trading 1989 Topps cards, but when Kevin and Paul ride towards each other on their bikes at the end of the episode, some of the "period" cars in the background include a 1979 Pontiac LeMans and a 1989 Chevy Cavalier.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Wayne on Wheels

  • When Wayne is holding the envelope which contains his learners permit, you can see the address reads California. The writers always said they wouldn't let the audience know where the Arnolds lived so people could relate to them better. Wayne should have been covering up the state and first few numbers of the zipcode. Another thing...didn't they just drive to Ocean City (NJ or MD?) a few episodes earlier? That's a long way from California!

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Math Class

  • In this episode, Kevin is in Miss Martinson's French class. Then, in Episode #48 Ninth Grade Man, Kevin is in Miss Falcinella's French class with new student Madeline. He says in narration that "French was a language I simply didn't understand. The only thing he could say to Madeline was "do you want some butter in French. Apparently, he didn't learn anything in the 8th grade French class.

  • Mr Collins draws a venn-diagram on the board with a '0' in the right circle. Then he asks something to the class. When he gets back to the board, there is a '2' in the right circle. The whole drawing is new if you look close.

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Summer Song

  • In the previous episode, Paul says he won't be back from his summer vacation until Labor day. But in this episode, he goes with the Arnold Family on summer vacation long before Labor day.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: How I'm Spending My Summe...

  • Cantwell sings (if you can call it singing!) to a record of La vie en rose, a popular song from Paris in the 20s.

  • Last day of school and the start of summer holidays, so when the school bell rings for the last time at the end of the school day the kids come running out the door if you look closely you will also see a dog running out if you don't see the dog you hear it bark.

  • When Kevin tells his mother he wished they could go away, she says maybe next year. In the very next episode (the season 3 opener), Summer Song, the Arnolds are in New Jersey. It looks like Norma didn't want to wait the extra year.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Birthday Boy

  • Kevin Arnold's birthday is March 18th.

  • In this episode Paul's middle name is mentioned: Joshua.

  • In this episode Paul's bar mitzvah is set, according to tradition, for the first Saturday after his 13th birthday; set for March 18. This conflicts with Kevin's 13th birthday "party" that actually falls on that Saturday. Funny, March 18, 1969 was a Tuesday. March 18th does not even fall on a Saturday in 1968 or 1970.

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Loosiers

  • At the end of this episode where Paul was picked last for gym basketball, a scene is shown of an older Kevin and Paul is still playing basketball many years later and Paul still throws it over the backboard like he did so often that episode. However, compared to episode 54, where Paul plays on the basketball team and becomes a much better player.

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Hiroshima, Mon Frere

  • In the next shot after Wayne sucks the hamster into the vacuum, it is shown moving around in its cage in the background. That was the other hamster there were two in the cage. One hamster was named "weasey" and the other "puffy" for their project idea one hamster was given normal hamster food the other people food-cheese, crackers, root beer, etc. than they would put them in a maze one at a time and see which hamster on which food got to the end of the maze the fastest.

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Steady as She Goes

  • At one point during the episode when Winnie is skating with Kirk, in the background, an Atari Pole Position video game cabinet is visible (with the ATARI logo disguised with black tape to make it say TATARE). Pole Position wouldn't be released until 1982.

  • When Kevin's family is razzing him about his new girlfriend Becky Slater, the narrator asks why moms' always talk about your love life at the dinner table, much like they feel it's their business to check the crotch area of your pants in the middle of a crowded clothing store and say "plenty of room in there." In season three, episode four, Kevin's mom makes a remark about how there's plenty of room in his crotch area when they are shopping for new pants. Kevin fantasizes about it, with a pa announcer saying "attention shoppers, attention all shoppers, plenty of room in Kevin Arnold's crotch area." This may have been a prelude of what's to come.

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