The Wonder Years

Season 3 Episode 3

Wayne on Wheels

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

When the Arnolds finally aggree Wayne can get his Driving License, he see's a Car as a machine to drive himself around - his parents see it as a machine to drive Kevin around.

While at the Mall shopping for shoes with Paul, Kevin see's a beautiful Girl who he cannot get off his mind.

Next Week, desperate to see the Girl again, Kevin ask's his mother if she could drive him to the Mall. Sadly cannot. Norma decides Wayne should drive Kevin and so gives him the responsibilty of driving.

Kevin and Paul drive with Wayne and his Girlfriend to the Mall, which is a long way out of Waynes way. When Wayne tries to dump Kevin and Paul at the other end of the Car Park Kevin gets mad. After a spirted argument Kevin and Paul finally get to see the Movie, and Kevin gets to see the Girl.

Once the Movie has finished Kevin leaves to drive home with Wayne, seeing Kevin and his Ladyfriend Wayne tries his hardest to humiliate Kevin - by driving the Car away from Kevin everytime he got close to open his door.

Its Saturday again and Kevin wants to go back to the Mall, Wayne has to drive again. Trying to scare Kevin out out driving with him Wayne tries to make the Journey as rough as possible. When Wayne must swurve to avoid a Car he crashes into a field. Kevin and Wayne are physically OK, but shaken up.

On the journey Home, nobody talked and Wayne drived slower than ever before. Once home, Kevin and Wayne had to tell their father about the damage to the Car.