The Wonder Years

Season 4 Episode 13

Who's Aunt Rose?

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1991 on ABC
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Who's Aunt Rose?
Kevin learns the importance of family when Grandpa Arnold returns to town for Aunt Rose's funeral.

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      • Narrator: Of course, when you're fourteen, eighty-two isn't much different from forty-two, or even a hundred-and-two. Still, if Gramps needed a friendly ear, he could always count on us.

      • Narrator: Maybe we weren't aware of it then, amid the school paper-drives, and the scalloped potatoes, and the sounds of the neighbor's children playing... But life was rich there… In our small sanctuary. And precious. And the only thing that could ever change that was death.

      • Narrator: The thread of my Aunt Rose's life had been permanently woven into mine. Leaving me with questions. And driving home that night, my fragile little family hurtling through the darkness, I knew I'd have to face those questions one day.
        Kevin: Dad?
        Jack: Hmmm?
        Kevin: Don't ever die, OK?
        Jack: Nahhh... I'm not gonna die.
        Narrator: But, for now, that was good enough for me.

      • Albert: I guess, uh... I guess my cousin, Rose, liked family gatherings more than anyone I've ever known. Even after she had trouble gettin' around, she always loved to have a chance to see the folks. As she liked to call us. Course, lately it seems like the only time we get together is, uh... when there's a wedding, or... or when somebody leaves us.
        Narrator: As I stood there, listening to Grandpa's words, a lot of things began to become real for me. Aunt Rose. The loss Gramps was feeling. And why coming here was so important, for all of us.
        Albert: But, I can tell you one thing, Rose is not gone from us. She never will be. She will always be a part of us, as long as we remain a family. Part of... the folks. Part of who we are. Even for those who really didn't know her very well.
        Narrator: I guess that's when I understood what my grandfather had been trying to explain to me. That my life was bigger than the little neighborhood I lived in. And that these strangers who surrounded me, weren't just relatives, they were my family. And the death of one affected each of us in some way.

      • Narrator: I grew up in a neighborhood that was a lot like other neighborhoods. Where the boxes we lived in were distinguished only by the names on the mailboxes, and the cars in the driveways. It was a place where hard-working Americans circled their wagons to protect themselves from the outside world. Our lives were made up of little moments, all delicately intertwined.

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