The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

HBO (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Gnomes on the March
      As the Tin Man battles Growleywog, Dorothy borrows the Magic Bird and tries to solve the problem without ruining any plans for Ozma. Underground, the Worm fails to go any further unto the Emerald City.
    • A Very Happy Ending
      With everything peaceful again, Ozma arranges to send Dorothy home again, with the estipulation that she can return anytime, Dorothy agrees and returns home.
    • Dorothy Defends The Palace
      For the few who did not start drinking from the fountain, Dorothy and Billina shower them with eggs, until they finally force them to drink of the magical and dangerous water.
    • The Nomes Attack
      The Nomes Attack
      Episode 20
      Ozma places a magical dust throughout the tunnel, making the armys all very thirsty, when they imerge the first thing they see is the Water Of Oblivion -- they all go at it at a mad rate -- and soon everyone has forgotten why they are there and who they are.moreless
    • The Crowning Of Ozma
      Ozma is finally crowned queen.
    • A Winky Helps His King
      The Winkys all join at the Emerald City to help thwart the attack.
    • Nomes On The March
      Nomes On The March
      Episode 17
      The Gnome King has commissioned an underground tunnel, one that goes underneath the Deadly Desert and right to the gardens of the Emerald City Palace. The Gnomes and The Growleywogs then set off for the attack.
    • Water Of Oblivion
      Water Of Oblivion
      Episode 16
      Ozma expains the Fountain and Dorothy returns from her trip.
    • The Growlywog Joins The Nomes
      The Gnome King asks the Evil and Powerful Growlywogs to join in their attack on the Emerald City.
    • Miss Cuttingclip and Mr. Fiddle
      Dorothy has always wanted to see Oz, and unaware of the Gnome Kings intention, sets off on a journey.She meets a woman who has created a village of living Paper Dolls and aliving Fiddle.
    • Princess Ozmas Secret
      Princess Ozma has 3 weapons -- a magic picture that will show her anything she wants to see , the Gnome King's Magic Belt, and a magical fountain that will make whoever drinks from it mind to completely erase.
    • Nome King Plans Revenge
      The Gnome King wants revenge, but without his Magic Belt he doesn't know how to accomplish this. He sends for the Captain of his army and the 2 plot.
    • Saved By The Sun
      Saved By The Sun
      Episode 11
      The travelers reach the surface and set off for home.
    • The Gnome King Sets A Trap
      The Gnome King tries to stop them, but Ozma uses the Magic Belt on him. He surcomes to defeat.
    • Secret Fear Of The Gnomes
      The Gnome King is angry. He sends his gnomes after them. Billina gets frightened (hiding in Jack's Head, she can't see). She proceeds to lay an egg. Jack tilts his head to see what it is and the egg rolls out. When it does it starts rolling down the stairs at the surging Gnomes. The Gnomes see the egg and they turn tail and run (eggs are poisonous to Gnomes). Learning this Billina starts laying more. They blind the Gnome King with them and disarm him of his Magic Belt.moreless
    • Dorothy Outsmarts The King
      The consequences of failure is to be turned into an Ornament themselves. Dorothy knows this as she enters the Ornament Rooms. All of her companions have already been transformed. She has two guesses - they are wrong. Then she decides on a purple kitten. "EV".. there's a loud crack, and Dorothy realizes she is still alive, beside her was a little boy -- the Prince Of Ev! she realizes that all of the people from Ev are transformed into purple Ornaments, before long the entire family is found. She then deduces Oz would be Emerald Green-- now all of her friends are back.moreless
    • Deadly Guessing Game
      The Gnome King wants to play a game. He's willing to allow the Royal Family of Ev to leave -- if the group is willing to risk their own lives for it. He has transfomed, by means of his Magic Belt, The entire Family of Ev into Ornaments. If the group, one at a time, enters the Ornamate Rooms and tries to guess which ornaments the Family of Ev are, they may leave if they correctly guess. Each one only has 3 guesses. In order to transform them back, they must pick up an ornament and say EV. The friends agree. Its Lucky Billina is hidden inside of the hollow pumpkin head belonging to Jack.moreless
    • Underground Country Of The Gnomes
      The gang reaches the Palace of the Gnomes and get an audience with the Gnome King.
    • Monsters Of Stone
      As they draw nearer the palace of the Gnome King, the group encounters a group of evil Rock Monsters.
    • Talking Hen
      Talking Hen
      Episode 4
      Dorothy discovers that with her is a talking hen -Billina. She traveled with her from Kansas.
    • The Deadly Desert
      Ozma is already aware that Ev is in troubl. She crosses the Deadly Desert by magic carpet, she and her entire court in tow. They are all surprised to find Dorothy and the joyful reunion between old friends is had. They then set out for the Gnome King's underground palace.
    • The Kidnapped Prince
      While Dorothy and Tik-Tok are captive in Castle Ev's dungeon, Princess Lulu meets with Ozma, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Jack Pumpkin, to ask for help in rescuing the Prince of Ev from the evil Nome King. Meanwhile, Mr Mouse travels to Oz to ask the Lion for help in rescuing Dorothy and Tik-Tok.moreless
    • Tik Tok The Mechanical Man
      Dorothy is on her Kansas farm, she looks up in the air and sees a magical light. The next day, she finds outside, a key spelling the letters O and Z. When she examines the key, she is transported to Ev, a magical land across the Deadly Desert from Oz. She is then chased by a group called Wheelers up a mountain. At the top of the mountain she finds a door, she tries the key and it works. Inside she finds a mechanical man named Tik-Tok.moreless
  • Season 1