The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Forum Submission/Guidelines

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    Forum Rules

    Follow the Terms Of Service: You can find the TOS here. The violation of these subjects will result on a warning and/or suspension.

    No flaming or swear words!!: This, is a show for kids! Normally, little kids would go to this forum or watch this show. The violation of this subject will result on a warning and/or suspension and the flaming post deleted.

    Be ontopic!: This is important, if you want to talk about something, try to not change the subject violently

    Use the appropiate grammar!: This is also important. People have to understand what you're saying.

    Only Wizard Of OZ or CNET related! This applies to links and pictures and that kind of stuff. Does not apply for any clip or movie, ie: Youtube clips with Dorothy Gale or Scarecrow or Tin Man in it.

    Submission Guidelines

    Use the appropiate grammar: Use proper spelling and grammar, remember to check punctuation, tags, etc. Submissions which not use propper grammar, will be rejected.

    Explain your submission in the Comments board!: When you submit a contribution, write in the Comments board about your submission. The same rule applies with editing or correcting old submissions from the guide.

    Check the guide before submitting!: Check on every episode for More Trivia>>, or More Quotes>>, or More Allusions>> before submitting something that is already on those subjects.
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