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  • Season 1
    • Regular People Party
      Curious about how regular folk live, paparazzi favorite Epiffany and A-list actress Ursula Majors decide to investigate by attending a "normal" party without revealing their status as celebrities.
    • Hotel Marmalade
      Hotel Marmalade
      Episode 9
      Distinguished actor Maximillian Rugg accompanies action star Bruin McTeague and leading lady Ursula Majors to a renowned Hollywood establishment, the tony Chateau Marmalade. Wild pool parties, however, were not part of the elegance they envisioned.
    • Shilin' Gaijin
      Shilin' Gaijin
      Episode 8
      Comedian turned actor Roman Fjords and rapper turned actor Arctic Circle fly to Japan planning to star in some commercials and make an easy buck. Unfortunately, they didn't research the type of products they'd be promoting.
    • The Conies
      The Conies
      Episode 7
      During the annual Conies awards ceremony, veteran action film star Bruin McTeague and celebrated ingenue Epiffany court the media spotlight and do what they can to fire up the celebrity rumor mill.
    • Bruin McTeague
      Bruin McTeague
      Episode 6
      Bruin McTeague performs in all of Hollywood's most action-packed movies. Unbeknownst to his fans, however, McTeague is easily frightened by everything from guns to heights, a weakness his manager tries to keep under wraps.
    • Arctic
      Episode 5
      Hip-hop star Arctic Circle easily makes the transition to the movie industry. Now famous as a recording artist and actor, Arctic uses his celebrity to make his political views known.
    • Maximillian
      Episode 4
      Legendary actor Maximillian Rugg and his legacy of quality films are about to fade out of the limelight. That is, until a blockbuster movie thrusts him back onto center stage, just as he was hoping to retire gracefully.
    • Roman Fjords
      Roman Fjords
      Episode 3
      Comedian and actor Roman Fjords livens up the movie set with his exuberant personality, but sometimes his jokester nature gets him into trouble. At the moment, Fjords is busy extolling the virtues of improv.
    • Ursula
      Episode 2
      Philanthropist and A-list actress Ursula Majors decides it's time for her to improve the quality of both Hollywood and the world at large through charitable deeds. Though self-assured and well-meaning, Ursula tends to ignore other people's advice.
    • Epiffany
      Episode 1
      Beloved ingenue Epiffany debuts on the Hollywood scene and delights the paparazzi, who splash her exploits all over the tabloids. Luckily for Epiffany, her love of shopping, partying and all things fabulous overshadows the holes in her acting résumé.