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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Life Begins For Andy Panda/Pied Piper Of Basin Street/A Moment With Walter Lantz/Knock Knock
      Life Begins For Andy Panda: Andy Panda is born and introduced to the woods. When Andy and his dad are attacked by hunters, they escape with the help of a friendly skunk.

      Pied Piper Of Basin Street: In this swing version of the famous tale, the Pied Piper imitates Frank Sinatra to lure his rats.

      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Lantz recounts how he and his staff came up with Woody Woodpecker.

      Knock Knock: Andy Panda and his father try to get rid of a zany woodpecker.moreless

    • Who's Cookin' Who?/The Overture to William Tell/A Moment With Walter Lantz/Bathing Buddies
      Who's Cookin' Who?: (1946) When winter arrives, Woody finds himself without food. A starving Wolf arrives and Woody sets his sights on eating him.

      The Overture to William Tell: (1947) Wally Walrus conducts the famous musical composition despite distractions from a raging storm and a pesky horsefly.

      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Lantz describes the real-life inspiration for Woody and shares sketches of the various stages of Woody's design.

      Bathing Buddies: (1946) Woody is a rowdy tenant in Wally Walrus' rooming house - where it costs a dime to take a bath.moreless

    • Smoked Hams/Fox & The Rabbit/A Moment With Walter Lantz/The Barber Of Seville
      Smoked Hams: (1947) Woody's noise is keeping "day sleeper" Wally Walrus awake.
      Fox & The Rabbit: (1935) A bunny plays truant by pretending to have the measles.
      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Lantz explains the process of recording voices for the Woody cartoons.
      The Barber Of Seville: (1944) Woody takes over a barbershop giving a wacky haircut to a hardhat - all to the tune of "Largo al Factorum" (The Shaving Song) from the "Barber Of Seville" by Rossini.moreless
    • Secret Weapon/Convict Concerto/A Walter & Woody Newsreel/I'm Cold
      Secret Weapon: (1963) Space Mouse is the secret weapon for the king of Rodentia, a mouse planet being invaded by cats from the planet Felina.
      Convict Concerto: (1954) Piano tuner Woody won't let distractions, like the police chasing crooks hiding in the piano shop, distract him.
      A Woody and Walter Newsreel: Learn about sports and past-times from around the world.
      I'm Cold: (1954) Chilly Willy tries to keep warm by stealing furs from a warehouse guarded by a dumb watchdog.moreless
    • Belle Boys/Broadway Bow Wow/A Walter & Woody Newsreel/Woody Woodpecker
      Belle Boys: (1953) Woody and Buzz Buzzard, bellboys at a swanky hotel, fight over the right to serve movie star Ga-ga Gazoo.
      Broadway Bow Wow: (1954) The trials and tribulations of John and Mary, a canine vaudeville team, will go from rags to riches.
      A Walter & Woody Newsreel: Regional competitions such as salmon derby, a Tennessee fish fry, and a corn-husking contest are shown.
      Woody Woodpecker: (1941) When the woodland animals tell Woody he's crazy, he decides to visit Dr. Horace N Buggy.moreless
    • Ace In The Hole/The Bandmaster/A Moment Walter Lantz/Banquet Busters
      Ace In The Hole: (1942) Pvt. Woody Woodpecker wants to fly a fighter plane - and he gets his chance, much to the dismay of his sergeant.
      The Bandmaster: (1947) A zany musical performance of circus band, as Andy Panda conducts the "Overture to Zampa".
      A Moment Walter Lantz: Lantz demonstrates how he sketches Woody .
      Banquet Busters: (1948) Hungry Andy Panda and starving Woody Woodpecker try to elude butler Wally Walrus to crash Mrs. Van Glutton's banquet.moreless
    • The Redwood Sap/Crazy Mixed -Up Pup/A Walter & Woody Newsreel/ Woody's Jalopy (a.k.a. The Screwdriver)
      The Redwood Sap: (1951) Woody avoids work during the spring, then begs sustenance from the forest animals when winter comes.
      Crazy Mixed-Up Pup: (1955) When Sam and his dog are injured in an accident, an ambulance attendant mistakenly gives each the wrong type plasma. Sam's new canine personality confuses his wife.
      A Walter & Woody Newsreel: The first segment of "A History of Aviation" - taking us through the early years of man's attempt to fly.
      Woody's Jalopy(a.k.a. The Screwdriver): (1941) Woody's motoring skills come to the attention of a strict cop.moreless
    • Hot Noon/Flying Turtle/A Walter & Woody Newsreel/Room & Wrath
      Hot Noon: (1953) Western piano player Woody Woodpecker is named sheriff when bandit Buzz Buzzard returns to settle a score.
      Flying Turtle: (1953) Herman the turtle bribes an eagle to take him into the sky.
      A Walter & Woody Newsreel: "Around the World with Woody" takes us to Pampeii; shows footage of the vessel Normandie; and to the zoo to learn about animals such as rhinos, polar bears and penguins.
      Room & Wrath: (1956) Watchdog Smedley tries to evict Chilly Willy from his hotel room.moreless
    • Chew Chew Baby/The Sleeping Princess/A Moment With Walter Lantz/The Dizzy Acrobat
      Chew Chew Baby: (1945) Kicked out of Wally Walrus' boarding house, Woody Woodpecker returns disguised as Wally's new girlfriend.
      The Sleeping Princess: (1939) This "Netsery Rhyme" retells the Sleeping Beauty legend - about a fairy who puts a curse on a princess that causes her to fall in a deep sleep.
      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Walter talks about the fun using animals as animation subjects.
      The Dizzy Acrobat: (1943) Woody sneaks into the circus, but is chased around the Big Top by an irate cop.moreless
    • The Screwball/Three Lazy Mice/ A Moment With Walter Lantz/Solid Ivory
      The Screwball: (1943) Woody outsmarts the guards to gain admittance to a baseball game.
      Three Lazy Mice: (1935) Three lazy mice, pretending to be blind, are chased by a cat.
      A Moment With Walter Lantz: We see how individual drawings make the effect of movement.
      Solid Ivory: (1943) Woody tries to retrieve a wayward billiard ball from a hen who thinks it's her egg!moreless
    • Woodpecker In The Rough/Egg Cracker Suite/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/SH-H-H-H-H-H
      Woodpecker in the Rough: (1952) Woody is challenged to a zany game of golf.

      Egg Cracker Suite: (1943) Oswald Rabbit and his friends prepare the eggs for Easter.

      A Woody & Walter Newsreel: Go "around the world" and see monorails, skyscrapers, and visit West Point.

      SH-H-H-H-H_H: (1955) A nervous wreck, ordered to get peace and quiet by his doctor, can't rest due to an annoying couple next door.moreless
    • Wrestling Wrecks/Pig In A Pickle/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Drooler's Delight
      Wresting Wrecks: (1953) Woody heckles the wrestling champ, then gets involved in a match.
      Pig In A Pickle: (1954) Maw and Paw rescue their pet pig Milford, who was abducted during his birthday party.
      A Woody & Walter Newsreel: Sports including boxing, lacrosse and the Indy 500 are profiled.
      Drooler's Delight: (1949) It's Woody Woodpecker vs. Buzz Buzzard at the soda fountain.moreless
    • Fish Fry/Pixie Picnic/A Moment With Walter Lantz/Woody Dines Out
      Fish Fry: (1944) An alley cat tries to have Andy Panda's pet fish for dinner.
      Pixie Picnic: (1948) The Pixie's picnic and concert is interrupted by a bee and a box of pepper.
      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Mr. Lantz shows how to draw Woody step-by-step.
      Woody Dines Out: (1945) A starving Woody Woodpecker mistakes a taxidermist for a restaurateur who wants to "stuff" him.moreless
    • Crow Crazy/Sliphorn King Of Polaroo/A Moment With Walter Lantz/The Reckless Driver
      Crow Crazy: (1945) Andy Panda and his dog Milo versus a flock of hungry crows.
      Sliphorn King Of Polaroo: (1945) A "Swing Symphony" about a musical lion marooned in the Arctic who keeps warm by playing his hot trombone.
      A Moment With Walter Lantz: We are shown the process of creating a test reel.
      The Reckless Driver: (1946) Woody tries to renew his driver's license - but only succeeds in driving his instructor crazy.moreless
    • What's Sweepin'/The Mouse And The Lion/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/The Legend Of Rockabye Point
      What's Sweepin': (1953) Woody trades his street sweeper's uniform for a policeman's guise.
      The Mouse And The Loin: (1953) A mouse recruits a lion for the circus high wire act.
      A Woody & Walter Newsreel: Go 'round the world to see ping pong, Calvary training, and even monkey jockeys!
      The Legend Of Rockabye Point: (1955) Chilly Willy outsmarts a polar bear, and a guard dog, to get the fish off a trawler.moreless
    • Termites From Mars/Swing Your Partner/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Hold That Rock
      Termites From Mars: (1953) When Martian termites invade Woody's home, the woodpecker uses office supplies and household items to subdue them.

      Swing Your Partner: (1943) Homer Pidgeon has a swell time at the barn dance, until his horse settles a score with him..

      A Woody & Walter Newsreel: More "History of Aviation" details America's first manned space flight.

      Hold That Rock: (1956) Chilly Willy, demonstrating his novelty noise makers, disrupts the peace at Balancing Rock Canyon.moreless
    • Hollywood Matador/The Adventures Of Tom Thumb, Jr./A Moment With Walter Lantz/Well Oiled
      Hollywood Matador: (1942) Woody Woodpecker is the Matador in a zany battle with a bull.

      The Adventures Of Tom Thumb, Jr.: (1940) Little Tom Thumb and his grasshopper companion seek food and a home.

      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Lantz demonstrates the process of cartoon story development..

      Well Oiled: (1947) A cop chases Woody around a well-armed gas station.moreless
    • Wacky Weed/ Musical Moments From Chopin/A Moment With Walter Lantz/Beach Nut
      Wacky Weed: (1948) Andy Panda does battle with a garden weed with a mind of its own.

      Musical Moments From Chopin: (1947) Woody Woodpecker and Andy Panda team up for a piano duet despite several distractions, including a fire.

      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Learn about the use of storyboards and the importance of layouts.

      Beach Nut: (1944) Woody's wacky antics annoy Wally Walrus at the seashore.moreless
    • Chili Con Corny/Candyland/Jolly Little Elves/Coo Coo Nuts
      Chili Con Corny: (1972) Woody has a hot time with his chili at Mrs. Meany's Cafe.

      Candyland: (1935) The Sandman takes a little boy to meet the king of Candy Land.

      Jolly Little Elves: (1934) Magical elves help a poor shoemaker go from rags to riches.

      Coo Coo Nuts: (1970) Stowaway Woody washes up on a tropical island but must survive a hungry castaway.moreless
    • Real Gone Woody/Indian Beatnik/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Chilly Willy
      Real Gone Woody: (1954) Hipster Woody wants to take Winnie to the Sock Hop, away from his rival Buzz Buzzard.

      Indian Beatnik: (1942) An Indian chief hires a new rainmaker, Tommy Hawk, whose jazz drumming produces an amazing result.

      A Woody & Walter Newsreel: Come around the globe to see sports-both the usual an unusual!

      Chilly Willy: (1953) In the first Chilly Willy cartoon, the cold little penguin seeks warmth.moreless
    • Andy Panda Goes Fishing/Poet & The Peasant/A Moment With Walter Lantz/Ski For Two
      Andy Panda Goes Fishing: (1939) Bear hunters interrupt Andy and a turtle companion during their fishing expedition.
      Poet & The Peasant: (1946) Andy Panda conducts the Barnyard Symphony Orchestra in a zany salute to Franz Von Suppe's "Poet & Peasant" Overture.
      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Learn how a single character can be drawn identically by many different artists.
      Ski For Two: (1944) Woody plays Santa Claus in a effort to get food from Wally Walrus and his snowbound Swiss Chard Lodge.moreless
    • Meatless Tuesday/Jungle Jive/A Moment With Walter Lantz/The Loose Nut
      Meatless Tuesday: (1943) It's Andy versus a rooster who doesn't want to become a roast dinner.

      Jungle Jive: (1944) The natives on the Sandwich Islands get jazzed when a box of musical instruments washes ashore.

      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Learn the job of background artists and how they choose scenes for Woody and his pals !

      Loose Nut: (1945) Can Woody play golf while a hardhat workman lays cement?.

    • The Great Who Dood It/The Goofy Roofer/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Paw
      The Great Who Dood It: (1952) Medicine man Buzz Buzzard chases Woody around a fairground.

      Andy Panda's Pop: (1941) When Pop decides to save money and fix the roof himself, he loses his sanity.

      A Woody and Walter Newsreel: Heroic figures...from the faces of Mount Rushmore, to the explorers of the South Pole.

      Paw's Night Out: (1955) Paw loses his key and tries various ways to enter the house without waking Maw.moreless

    • Wicket Wacky/Springtime For Andy/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/The Ostrich Egg & I
      Wicket Wacky: (1951) A gopher disrupts Woody's game of croquet..

      Andy Panda's Victory Garden (a.k.a. Springtime For Andy): (1942) A gopher ruins Andy's spring planting.

      A Woody and Walter Newsreel: Winter comes to Yellowstone, but it's far from being in hibernation!

      The Ostrich Egg & I: (1956) Sam tries to hide an Ostrich from Maggie.moreless

    • Fair Weather Fiends/Scrambled Eggs/Moment With Walter Lantz/Woody The Giant Killer
    • 100 Pygmies and Andy Panda/Kitten's Mittens/Moment With Walter Lantz/Coo Coo Birds
    • Get Lost/Dog That Cried Wolf/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Hot Rod Huckster
    • Arts & Flowers/Salmon Yeggs/Gabby's Diner/Doc's Last Stand
    • Mousie Come Home/Apple Andy/A Moment with Walter Lantz/The Dippy Diplomat
      Mousie Come Home: (1946) An annoying mouse causes Andy Panda to move away, thus standing the lonely rodent with nothing to do.

      Apple Andy: (1946) After eating too many apples, Andy Panda has a nightmare in Apple Hades.

      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Lantz takes us through Woody's appearance and how it has changed since his debut.

      Dippy Diplomat: (1945) Woody Woodpecker disguises himself as an ambassador in order to crash Wally Walrus barbecue.moreless
    • Slingshot 6 7/8/Syncopated Sioux/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Wet Blanket Policy
      Slingshot 6 7/8: (1951) Out west, tenderfoot Woody uses his slingshot against Indian Buzz Buzzard in a shooting contest.

      Synocopated Sioux: (1940) Punchy subdues the Indians with his musical abilities.

      A Woody & Walter Newsreel: Polo played by automobile? Cycles rode on the sea? You'll have to see it to believe it.

      Wet Blanket Policy: (1948) Woody signs an insurance policy which makes him more valuable dead than alive.moreless
    • Scalp Treatment/Nutty Pine Cabin/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/The Talking Dog
      Scalp Treatment: (1952) Buzz Buzzard tries to scalp Woody for his feathered head, as a gift to an Indian maiden.

      Nutty Pine Cabin: (1942) The beavers help themselves to house builder Andy Panda's wood supply.

      A Woody & Walter Newsreel: The History of Aviation-and how the war effort gave a boost to aviation development.

      The Talking Dog: (1956) Sam uses the mortgage money to buy a talking dog.moreless
    • The Hypnotic Hick/Dizzy Kitty /A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Maw and Paw
      Hypnotic Hick: (1953) Woody accepts the job of serving a summons to Buzz Buzzard - who will only receive it if he's hypnotized.
      Dizzy Kitty: (1940) In an effort to win a pet show cash prize, Andy Panda and his pop decide to spruce up their reluctant cat.
      A Woody & Walter Newsreel: Come around the world with Woody-from London to Alaska...and a few stops along the way.
      Maw & Paw: (1953) Milford the pig wins a modern car, it's too bad Maw & Paw can't drive.moreless
    • Pantry Panic/Kiddie Concert/A Moment With Walter Lantz/Wacky Bye Baby
    • Wild and Woody/Crazy House/ A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Dig That Dog
    • Buccaneer Woodpecker/The Hams That Couldn't Be Cured/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Hot and Cold Penguin
    • Southern Fried Hospitality/Mackerel Moocher/Bats In The Belfry/The Case of the Cold Storage Yegg
    • The Painter and the Pointer/Dog Tax Dodgers/A Moment with Walter Lantz/The Mad Hatter
      The Painter And The Pointer: (1944) Andy Panda is painting his dog's portrait, only the mutt won't stand still.

      Dog Tax Dodgers: (1948) Andy Panda tries to avoid paying a tax on his dog when tax collector Wally Walrus comes around.

      A Moment With Walter Lantz: Learn about the variance of tempo and timing in a cartoon.

      The Mad Hatter: (1948) Would be movie star Woody Woodpecker is asked to come to the set in a top hat - but it won't stay on his head.moreless
    • Sleep Happy/Goodbye Mr. Moth/A Woody & Walter Newsreel/Flea For Two
      Sleep Happy: (1951) Sleepy Woody Woodpecker finds a spare bed in Wally Walrus' hotel office - and his snoring is keeping Wally awake.

      Goodbye Mr. Moth: (1942) A moth raises havoc in Andy Panda's tailor shop.

      A Woody & Walter Newsreel: Explore the sports of skiing, car racing, bowling and more!

      Flea For Two: (1955) Fleewee wants to get married, but his rival Francois sweeps his lady love away.moreless
    • Woody Woodpecker Polka/Truant Student/Tree Medic/Witty Kitty
      Woody Woodpecker Polka: (1951) For a chance at free food at a barn dance, Woody dresses as a girl to fool ticket taker Wally Walrus.

      Truant Student: (1959) Windy is mistaken for a truant student when he goes fishing.

      Tree Medic: (1955) Woody heckles a tree surgeon who wants to examine his "home".

      Witty Kitty: (1960) Two hungry alley cats trick Doc into thinking he's won a raffle - his prize a free turkey - that he must procure from an estate guarded by a bulldog.moreless
    • Red Riding Hoodlum/Fouled Up Birthday/Trees A Crowd/Fish Hooked
      Red Riding Hoodlum: (1957) Knothead and Splinter take a basket to grandma's house and encounter a big bad wolf.

      Fowled Up Birthday: (1962) Charlie buys a goose for dinner, but it becomes the family pet.

      Trees A Crowd: (1958) Colonel Mulch sends his cat Filbert to stop Woody from destroying his prize trees.

      Fish Hooked: (1960) Guard Dog Smedley tries to oust Chilly Willy from his Aquarium.moreless
    • Stuck on You
      Stuck on You
      Episode 40
  • Season 2