The World at War

ITV (ended 1974)


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The World at War

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The World at War was a documentary show that originally aired in 1974 as a 26 part series on the second world war. The narration was provided by Laurence Olivier. The series included interviews from members of the allied countries as well as the axis members of the second world war, showing the war's effect on both sides. This critcally acclaimed and highly regarded series examined all aspects of the war from german rearmament following the Treaty of Versailles, to the taking of Berlin, to the use of the two nuclear devices on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
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  • The Standard

    Probably the most comprehensive documentary about WW2 ever made. Devoting over 22 hours of time a viewer will get a good overview of the battles, the places and people. No documentary can ever cover all events of this massive war but this one comes as close as any produced since.
  • The World at War is a Documentary about the second world war. It covers the war from the beginning and gives us great insight what it was like to live during the most important era the world has ever seen.moreless

    The World at War is probably one of the best war Documentaries of all time. Laurence Olivier narration of the series is so fanastic, he is not just a great actor but his narration just makes you want to listen to every single word he has to say. The Documentary is more then 30 years old but it still doesn't loose any of its value even after all this time.
  • The World At War is the definitive World War Two documentary.

    No other documentary depicts World War Two so visually or stunningly. This documentary covers all the major aspects of the war and its horrors. It is full of interviews and never seen before footage (at the time of course). This is my favourite documentary. This is because this show isn't just a one sided story. It makes you feel like you understand all the people involved; citizen and soldier. The music has to be mentioned as well. It fits perfectly with the show and is wonderful even on its own.

    The World At War is not too general for the knowledgeable and not too detailed for those who are new to it. If there is a thing to see concerning World War Two, then this is it.

    Fortunately, you can buy the DVD set. It comes with many extra bonus episodes and interviews. I really recommend it to anyone interested in documentaries or history.moreless
  • World at War
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