The World Debate - Season 1



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  • Are We Running Out of Water?
    Is there really a global water shortage, or are supplies just badly managed ? If we fail to manage global water supplies what might the consequences for the World be, especially for the one billion people without a clean water supply?
  • Matching Skills to Jobs
    Is migration the answer? As the world economy recovers jobs are being created but many employers can't find the right people to fill them. How damaging to economic growth is this skills shortage? To what extent is better education and training the answer?
  • How To Feed The World Better
    The World Debate comes from Deauville in northern France, and discusses the growing worldwide epidemic of obesity. Moderated by Zeinab Badawi, an eminent panel will discuss what are the causes of the epidemic, and what can be done to address it.
  • Millenium Goals - What's Holding Us Back?
    The World Debate puts the important questions to those in the spotlight. Including representatives from global politics, finance, business, the arts, media and other areas. The panels and contributing audiences discuss topical themes.