The World God Only Knows

Manga Entertainment (ended 2011)


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The World God Only Knows

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The World God Only Knows is a anime TV series based off the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Tamiki Wakaki. The show follows Keima, a high school student and devoted video game player ??? specifically games that simulate love and romance. In the video game community Keima is one of the best at picking up girls (his nickname is "The Divine Capturer"), but in real life, Keima is nothing more than a four-eyed nerd that the girls don't give a second thought about. One day, Keima receives a mysterious email that contains a contract from him to "capture" girls. Believing the email to be part of one of his romance games, Keima accepts the offer and signs the contract. Upon his approval, a female demon named Elsee shows up and asks Keima to help her hunt down evil spirits on the run. She explains to Keima that these evil spirits hide in lonely girls' hearts, and that it is his job to "capture" the hearts of the young girls. Keima refuses the assignment, but Elsee warns Keima that if he refuses he will be breaking his contract and will have his head cut off. Watch Keima, The Divine Capturer, navigate his way in the real world as he seeks to win the hearts of 3D girls in The World God Only Knows.


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