The World Series of Pop Culture

Thursday 10:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jul 10, 2006 Between Seasons


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The World Series of Pop Culture

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VH1's latest reality competition pits several teams of three against one another in the ultimate pop culture trivia contest. The contestants' knowledge of television, music, and film will be tested as never before, and when the game is over, just one team will take home the crown--along with a sweet $250,000 cash prize! The series will air nightly at 10:00 p.m. EST from July 10-14; after that it will air each Thursday at 10:00 p.m.

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AIRED ON 7/11/2007

Season 3 : Episode 3

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  • It's my kind of game show.

    Okay,remember when I said that about I Love Money that VH1 makes the worst game shows ever?Well,I think this one is pretty cool.All of the catorgories are very good ones and this one is one of my favorite Game shows ever.This one is way better than that dreadful I Love Money show.This one beats all of the other game shows on VH1 because all of them stink and this one is my thing.The best catorgory is when you have to name a bunch of things that follow the catorgory.This is the best game show ever on VH1 better than I Love Money.moreless
  • A great show to watch with friends!

    I enjoy this show, however flawed it may be. Pat Kiernan's hosting talents are only matched by his dry humour. The women who interview the losers ask obvious questions and are boring. I don't really care what was going through Carol's mind when asked about a Bee Gee's hit. She's out, she lost, it's done. I do enjoy the questions, as I love and have a great knowledge of pop culture, and the gameplay is relistic. I find myself especially enjoying the tiebreakers. I love the pop culture trivia, seeing how much I know verses how much I think I know about pop culture. I always say how great i'd be on this with the right two other teammates. Now the bad. I think this would be better as a gameshow. VH1 forces down our throats these teams made up of people who claim to know more about pop culture then the average person. I need to get this off my chest: I DON'T CARE! I don't care about the teams, who's on the teams, why they think they know more about pop culture than me, or the winner. Every part of this show that isn't actual gametime (giving the question, thinking of the answer and giving the answer) is unbearable. Don't get me wrong: I LOVE when there actually in gametime. When there's actual Q and A between host and contestant i'm deadlocked listening. I tune out of listening during the introductions and especially the interviews after being voted out. I truly, truly believe this would be better as a gameshow, not with levels and ranking but normal gameshow stuff. And I think this would be a good Q @ A book for you to do with your friends. I think these two changes would make this more fun, at least for me.

    That's why I think this is only a good show when having fun answering the question with friends, and to enjoy that more the format should change. But i'll continue watching, tuning out the teams.moreless
  • Pop Culture is a show that sees how much you know about 'pop culture'. It tests your music, tv, movie quotes, taglines, and just your general knowledge of different cateragies.

    Pop Culture is a pretty intesting show to watch. I like it best when I know that cateragies and the answers too. I like to see how much these people know, and see if they will make it to the end. I think the music ones are the hardest, expecially that you from the 80's, unless you are from that era. I like the movies questions, but it is always better when i have seen then before, because it make me feel a little bit smarter. I think the tie-breakers are usually really hard, but they usually don't have anything to do with the cateragies, they just had answered, but i am sure they do that for a reason, because that just sounds good to say.moreless
  • This show is cool. I would like to be on it sometime maybe.

    Its fun to answer the questions as they are asked im right most of the time depending on the catogory. I didnt enjoy the 1st season as much as the 2nd. The 2nd season was way better, the teams were way cooler.

    It would be pretty cool to be on the show sometime. Yeah i know that would never happen cus there are so many people who are good at pop culture and yea.

    Its pretty funny my family and friends sets at the tv and yell at it the answer. I give this a 7.4 which i think it earned and deserves.moreless

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