The World's Greatest SuperFriends

Season 1 Episode 5

Universe of Evil

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 20, 1979 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Superman uses his combined x-ray vision and chill breath to free himself from the Kryptonite manacles, the blue sleeves of his costume disappear.

    • Goof: When evil Superman begins to fly back to the Hall of Justice after causing Mount Vesuvius to erupt, the background shows a night sky instead of day.

    • In the scene where the Super Enemies complete their examination of Superman, two goofs occur. First, at the beginning of the scene, it's a day sky over the Hall of Evil instead of the night sky when they arrived earlier. And when the Trouble Alert signal sounds, evil Aquaman speaks with evil Batman's voice when he says, "It's the Trouble Alert!" This is similar to the above-mentioned goof where good Aquaman speaks with good Batman's voice.

    • While panning the night sky in the evil universe, we see a nice shot of Earth. How can people on Earth look up to the night sky and see...Earth? It's assumed this is supposed to be the moon, but perhaps there is something really funky going on in the evil universe.

    • After the evil Superman talks to Zan and Jana in the Hall of Justice, he says he has things to do and flies away. But he's still inside when he does so. Is there a hole in the roof for this kind of thing?

    • We do see an evil Gleek, but there's no evil Zan and Jayna.

    • After Wonder Woman and Aquaman rescue Batman and Robin from the armored van the evil Superman trapped them in, Aquaman says, "We've got to try and stop him. Come on!" But it's Olan Soule as Batman saying the lines, not William Callaway as Aquaman.

    • When the good Superman is given the flask, it's in a traditional lab-triangle shape. But when he opens it, it has mysteriously changed to a cylinder shape.

  • Quotes

    • Superman: She's ready to blow. I just hope I can squeeze her shut. (Talking about Mount Vesuvius)

    • Evil Superman: Before you run out of gas, Batman, let me fill up your tank!

    • Evil Superman: I think your gold needs some more mining.
      Police Officer: More mining?
      Evil Superman: That's right. I'm going to make it all MINE! HA HA HA!!! Get it?

  • Notes

    • No evil counterparts of Zan and Jana are shown, but it's likely they do exist. The evil Superman seemed to know who they were, and an evil version of Gleek does appear in the episode.

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