The Worst Jobs in History

Saturday 8:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Aug 28, 2004 In Season


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  • Season 2
    • Worst Rural Jobs
      Worst Rural Jobs
      Episode 12
      The beautifully green and picturesque country of Great Britain has been forged by people willing to do some terrible jobs throughout history. After being a Shepherd Boy, Nettle Harvester, Reddleman, Thresher, Chaff-Box Boy, Sedge Cutter, Sin Eater, Pole Man, Lead-White Maker, and Featherie Man what could be worse? Try the age-old job of Steeplejack. "It's not the heights I mind," says host Tony Robinson. "It's falling onto the hard ground from them." See how he makes out when he tackles the highest spire in Oxfordshire in this horrible and humorous look at the most unenviable British jobs of the last 2,000 years.moreless
    • Worst Maritime Jobs
      Tony Robinson sets sail for some of the worst jobs in British history. This week, Tony is all at sea as Liar, Underdog, Midshipman, Fusée-Chainmaker, Flying Man, Lighthouse Builder and Keeper, Gut Girl, Stoker, and Trimmer before setting out in a sou'wester in a cork life-vest on the crazily dangerous (but voluntary) job of Victorian Lifeboatman.moreless
    • Worst Industrial Jobs
      Tony works directly in harms way as a Bridge Builder, Legger, Soap Boiler, Glass Blower, Knocker Upper. Bone Cleaner, Presser, and Saggar Makers Bottom Knocker.
    • Royal Jobs
      Royal Jobs
      Episode 9
      Tony takes on jobs of the royal household. Those include a lance maker, armourer, falconer, laundry women and royal messenger.
    • The Worst Urban Jobs in History
      Tony tries out carrying water up a tall building and cleaning horse dun.
    • The Worst Christmas Jobs in History
      Tony tries out the worst christmas jobs in history including Turkey Plucker and Roman Vomit collector.
  • Season 1