The Worst Witch

ITV (ended 2001)




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  • Season 4
    • The Gate of Power
      The Gate of Power
      Episode 13
    • The Whisperer
      The Whisperer
      Episode 12
    • Shaky Foundations
      Shaky Foundations
      Episode 11
    • Good Friends
      Good Friends
      Episode 10
    • The Golden Cauldron
    • The Seventh Sense
    • Dr. Foster, I Presume!
    • Dreamcatcher
      Episode 6
      The episode starts with Mildred dreaming. In her dream, she is dancing with Hobbes, and he is telling her how he has changed. She wakes up ( after falling out of bed ), and Ethel makes some comment or other about how she obviously likes Hobbes because she was dreaming about him and saying his name... Later, Mildred is talking to Cas and describing her dream to her... Meanwhile, Azhmet and Tim are helping the caretaker find out why there's no hot water, and they follow a wire leading from the boiler to Hobbes' room. While they're up in the attic, they overhead Milly and Cas talking about Milly's dream. I think one of them then starts laughing ( or makes some other noise ) and Mildred and Cas are both looking up at the ceiling and asking who's there. The two guys then go to Hobbes' room ( Hobbes is in there too ) After that, but in the same scene, Cas starts rummaging around for something, and Milly asks what she's lookin for... She says it's a dreamcatcher, and goes on to describe what one looks like, and what it does, etc. Later on, Milly and Cas go down to the coffee place where Milly's boyfriend (?) works, and they see the two guys in their year, and one of them starts saying something like: Dance with me! So they know it was them crawling around in the attic. Hobbes walks in and sees Milly, and asks her to meet him by the river in the afternoon, and Milly, confused by her feelings for him, agrees. Milly goes down to meet him by the river, leaving Cas with the two guys, back at the college. Cas starts looking around again, and the two guys ask what she's looking for, and she says it's her dreamcatcher. Then, one of them tells her that it's in Hobbes' room, so she goes round to Hobbes' room, enters, and sees the dreamcatcher. Out by the river, Hobbes is talking to Milly, until suddenly, she starts to "dream". She's dreaming of them dancing again, and that's when Cas takes the dreamcatcher down. The dream is broken, and Milly finds herself dancing by the river with Hobbes in the middle of the day. Milly is, understandably, angry with Hobbes and shouts that she DID like him anyway, and there was no point in him doing this, but now she didn't like him, so she ran off.moreless
    • All That Jazz
      All That Jazz
      Episode 5
    • The End of Misery's
    • The Gargoyle
      The Gargoyle
      Episode 3
      Everybody's sleepy and tired and in one of the auditoriums. Azmhet and Tim are sleeping on each other. Ethel looks grouchy, Mildred and Cas just look sorta dreary. Starfinder comes in. He starts to go on about how objects can be animated to show their personality. He does an example by magically opening and closing a few doors. Hobbs comes in. Ethel looks at him, daring him not to sit down with her, and he doesn't. She turns around again and looks positively ready to kill someone. Hobbs looks and Mildred and she gives him stare that dares him to sit down with her. He doesn't. He heads up to the next row. Meanwhile, Starfinder's saying how you have to animate only certain objects because some of them can be quite nasty. One of the doors he was slamming earlier falls down with a crash. "You mean like that?" Ethel asks. Cas and Mildred meander away from class they talk about how Ethel was hanging on Starfinder's every word. She comes up to them and says she's his new research assistant, and she's supposed to meet him tomorrow. She calls him Andy. "Andy?" they ask, as we do. Tim, Azmhet and Hobbs go out to Hobb's favorite place to interrogate people (that damned coffeehouse again) and they tell Hobbs all about how Dr. Starfinder is there to do research. The College is betting on him stumbling onto something really, really big. Cas (who's always just so gosh darn happy and enthusiastic) drags Mildred through the halls, looking at portraits and pictures hung on the wall until she finds one that suits her. "You want me to animate that?" Mildred asked incredulously. Cas says that this is Mildred's opportunity to use her gift and get an A on the project. Mildred says she will (with more confidence than the Mildred of last season who would have said "I'll try") and does. The man in the picture comes to life and walks toward them. Starfinder and that young woman teacher from the first episode show up and Mildred puts the man back the way he was. "Dr. Starfinder, I'm sorry. I didn't realize." But the good doctor is very impressed. He asks Mildred to come talk to him tomorrow. Mildred agrees, and tells Cas they'd better not mention it to Ethel. Meanwhile, Hobbs looks like he's rehearsing Shakespeare in the main hall, except it isn't Shakespearean. Tim and Azmhet watch him with some amusement from the top of the stairs, until he orders them to bring him books. Books! They decide it might be good for a laugh. The old man whose name I STILL can't remember, but it's something like Shakeshaft and Snakestaff or something, asks Starfinder how he want's his tea - with the milk in first or after. Because it makes quite a big difference in the way of whether the liquid heats up or cools down and whether or not you need a spoon. "You take this very seriously, don't you?" asks Starfinder. He's a little bit miffed because he was trying to talk about something else, but the old guy kept interrupting him. Hobbs, Tim and Azmhet, have a whole slew of books around them. Hobbs was complaining earlier about how the assignment was too easy, you see, so now he has his wizard staff out, and he's trying to enchant this gargoyle in the hall. It's storming out, and it's all very dramatic except that he can't get it to work. Tim and Azmhet tell him to give up, and he does, saying, "Fine. Don't come to life." Tim and Azmhet stay behind and start to pick up the books. They look up and are startled by the gargoyle coming to life. Mildred gets up the next morning and sets off for her meeting. Ethel's just leaving her room then, and she asks where Mildred's going. She lies and says the library. As she's walking to Starfinder's office, she sees that a good many things along the way are broken, smashed, and strewn about the corridors. She hears someone walking about. "Hello? Who's there?" and finally, "All right! Follow me, then! See if I care!" Hobbs pops out from around the corner. He wants to know if she's seen Tim and Azmhet. He just knocked at their door and there was no answer. Mildred says they're probably still asleep. He doesn't look like he believes it, and he goes off on his way. Mildred goes to her meeting. Starfinder tells her that he wants to study her. "You want to turn me into a guinea pig?!" He says no, no, it's not like that - and then Ethel walks in. She looks hatefully at Mildred, but bounces back. "I'm here for my appointment, Dr. Starfinder." Starfinder basically tells her to residual for later in the week, he's got more important things to do right now. Ethel leaves. Mildred gets up to leave too. "She's my roommate and she's a bit sensitive." Ethel says, "You didn't tell me!" and tells Mildred to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Shake/snakeshaft/staff, better known as the old man, discovers that Tim and Azmhet are perched where once the gargoyle resided. And they're stone. Mildred wanders into what is probably the old man's office and the old man finds her there. She says the door was open, and everything looks to be destroyed. He looks for things, and says casually that there's a gargoyle about. Mildred seeks out Hobbs in the boys dormitory and asks him what he knows about a gargoyle. Before he can come up with a lie, Tim and Azmhet (having been turned back by the old man, and having told the whole story to Thunderblast) show up and confirm Mildred's suspicions. Meanwhile, Cas is hanging out, and she hears a noise. She walks into the common area. "Millie? Ethel?" She picks up broken plants and dishes, then turns around to see the gargoyle standing on their table. She screams and does a little bit of overacting. "Stay away from me! Stay away from me!" Cas comes screaming down the hall with the gargoyle following her. Mildred pulls her into Hobb's room, and they block the door with a chair. The gargoyle gives up pretty easy, so we're not actually surprised when it jumps through the window a few seconds later. Somehow, during the course of everybody screaming and cowering, Mildred has a revelation. "Stay there! Don't move!" She yells. The gargoyle turns around and runs back out the window. Ethel's sulking somewhere (can't tell where, it was dark, though) and the gargoyle shows up. Mildred's right on it's heels and yells, "Go on then, go after her!" The gargoyle turns around and starts toward Mildred. "Oh I see how this is," Ethel cries. "Go after her!" "Ethel, you don't understand. Go after her!" The gargoyle keeps switching between them and is looking a little tired and confused. "Go after her!" "No! Go after me!" The gargoyle keeps going toward Ethel. "I mean, don't go after me!" The gargoyle turns around again. The old man shows up and yells, "Gargoyle, don't climb up there!" (or words to that effect) and of course the gargoyle climbs up onto a high perch. "Gargoyle, don't ever turn back into stone!" The gargoyle turns back into stone. Mildred asks why it's so disagreeable and the old man says, "Wouldn't you be, if you were made to look like that?" Hobbs is ushered into Thuderblast's office by Dewdrop, who stands guard outside the door. Cas asks Mildred how she knew that the gargoyle always did the opposite of what you told it, and Mildred says something about how when someone yelled "Move" it stood still.moreless
    • Never on Friday
      Never on Friday
      Episode 2
      The Ethel I know doesn't like Mildred at all, but, aparantly that won't stop her from jabbering on and on and on about what Hobbs says and likes and does and thinks. Mildred, awakened by this, grumbles and gets out of bed. Looks like she's wearing her Cackle's nightshirt too. She stumbles out into the common room (sans wig - not bad looking, just different) and looks around their messy apartment. It's really gross. There's spagetti and stuff everywhere. Apparantly Ethel never takes a turn cleaning up either, and she doesn't like the way poor Cas (the cooking wench of the group, I'll wager) makes breakfast. She toddles off to meet Hobbs. Cas tells Mildred that cutting her hair won't change her life. We smile at the irony. She then tells her that clothes on the other hand - cut to Cas and Mildred going shopping downtown. The come back and Mildred's all decked out in nice new, and fashionable clothes. Boys fall down when they look at her. Meanwhile, Hobbs tries to brush Ethel off. She says she thought they were going out. He says it's more than that (as an obvious way to bail) they share similar interests, and goals. They have to be free to experiment and move around. How can they do that if they're "going out"? Deirdre Swoop encounters our new friend, Dr. Starfinder. He tells her that her invisibility potion should be invisible. After this quip, he drinks from an empty bottle and disappears. Deirdre is impressed. The old lady, who I think is named Thunderblast thinks Starfinder will be absolutely excellent. The old man, whose name I can't summon at will yet, thinks it's absolutley disgraceful to have all of these new fangles ideas flying about. Sorry buddy, but Miss Hardbroom could pull that off, and Miss Hardbroom you ain't. Class is boring for a while and very, very uneventful. The gist is that Mildred says she's not speaking to Hobbs. And then he smiles at her. And it took two minutes of my precious time to show that. Next week on an all new Boston Public, young, fresh, hip, misunderstood Mr. Starfinder tries to inspire reluctant young minds to live up to their potential. Oh, wait. It's still Worst Witch. The powersuit and unfounded enthusiasm threw me off. Hobbs bangs his head against the desk for a while whilst Starfinder gives a rousing speech about how nobody should ever worry about the Foster's Effect. Inspired by this, Cas runs through a wall, pulls Mildred after her, and they are both promptly fined by Dewdrop. They hustle on back to their room and find out Ethel got dumped. Angora just realised that she wrote down a whole lot of scenes out of order somehow, but she doesn't care. Anyway, the three of them use magic and - dare I say it - cooperation to clean up. Starfinder has his first meeting with Dewdrop. Now, I don't like her, but I think he should have refrained from cutting her dire warnings off at every third word. The gist is that he's not supposed to teach on Fridays. He basically says, "balderdash!" (except he doesn't because he's American) and doesn't let her explain why. Deirdre comes up to visit her first year friends and sees them having a very civilized and orderly breakfast. They magic her up some food and she does a double take. She demands to know if they used magic. They say yes, but not to worry. Nothin bad happened. Deirdre says that of course nothing bad happened. All the retorts from the Dr. Foster's effect get stored up and released on Fridays. There's havoc in the teacher's lounge, and by jimminy, it's only those old people again. They've discovered that Dr. Starfinder is teaching on a Friday. The old man hustles down to see Dewdrop and that Thunderblast lady runs off to the classroom. Starfinder is prattling on about something when all sorts of spaghetti starts to fall from the sky. And then there's lightening, and wind, and other special effects that the doctor Foster's effect uses to show people their own foolishness. Dewdrop is a vengeful woman, and the old man is not very strong, so it's a long time before anyone closes the vents or whatnot on the contraption that processes the effect. Starfinder has a little vacume he likes, that sucks that sort of thing up, but it only works temporarily. He follows Thunderblast upstairs, telling her about all his ideas for science + magic inventions and asks Mildred, Ethel and Cas to clean up.moreless
    • The All-Seeing Eye
      The new theme music sounds like something from Tales From The Crypt more than it does Worst Witch, but it's kind of snazzy, and it's what we hear as we watch Mildred (dressed like somebody's conservative grandma and still with her plaits) fly up to Wyrdsister College. We also see our new heroine, Cas (or maybe Caz) riding there on her bike. Ethel shows up in a limo. And as an aside, I'll say as one girl to another, Ethel looks better than she ever did in the first three years of Worst Witch. She died part of her hair bluish gray and she has much cooler clothes. Anyway, there's this plucky little woman named Dewdrop working in the tower, and there's some invisible boy poking around. "There's something you have to remember about invisibility," she says, trying to get him with a sword, "I've seen it all before." Mildred shows up and the boy escapes. Dewdrop introduces herself and promptly fines Mildred for flying around the school. Mildred says they always flew at Cackles, and Dewdrop says that they don't do that here. They don't want a witch-hunt started. She shows Mildred to her new room, and Mildred meets her roommate. Ethel Hallow. Ethel complains that she worked hard to get into Wyrdsister, and Mildred did nothing but draw a good picture. Mildred says she looks different (oi, she looks like Felicity Jones, she does) and Ethel says Mildred looks the same. Meanwhile, there's a sword fight in their little common room. Some girl trying to chop this dark bloke's head off. The dark bloke's called Hobbs, and he has a haircut that dates back to Little House on the Prairie. He's supposed to be really cool (you can tell 'cause he's wearing black). Ethel and Mildred save him from the girl, who turns out to be Deirdre Swoop. She's been there a year, I guess (don't ask how, I didn't). The guy says he's going out for coffee and asks if anyone wants to go. Mildred's the one he wants to talk to, but he settles for Ethel when she invites herself along. They go out for their coffee while Mildred and Deirdre catch up. Hobbs tells Ethel that there's a test first year students have to pass. Something called the All Seeing Eye. It can see into your past. He says he knows neither of them will pass (or he insinuates it... I didn't really notice) but that there's only one person who can fool the eye. Cut to Mildred looking sulky in her room. Ethel comes in and apologizes for being such a jerk before. Says she wants to make a clean start of it. Cas comes in (they met during the sword fight, I think) and tells Ethel off somewhat. Ethel says she's sorry about cutting off Cas' bike with her limo. Meanwhile, a bunch of professors whose names I didn't catch have a chat about the eye. They open a box and look at it less than fondly, but we don't get to see. The two women professors say it's creepy and they don't think the students should have to go through that. The old man, who seems to be a few centuries old in fact says they've had this discussion before, only when different people were working there. It's tradition (Dewdrop backs him up on this) and if only one greedy, selfish student gets through and uses the magic taught at Wyrdsister for evil ends, all is lost (or the usual spiel to that effect). Everyone heads down to the great hall and listens to a speech about facing the eye. They've just had eggs cooked by Ethel (which were burned). Oh, by the way, Cas is Canadian Francais - even in the show, which is cool. They also have two weird little blokes as friends. They went to wizard school together and they don't really fit in here. They met Cas at some part of the show I forgot to mention, and they thought Ethel was a duchess or something. Anyway, Deirdre tells them all there's nothing to worry about. The eye sits above a door, and if it turns green you can walk through. Nobody gets turned away. Almost nobody. Ethel tells them all that she has a plan. It involves Mildred. Mildred doesn't want any part of it, and she doesn't even stay to listen. She walks outside and meets Hobbs. He says he's sorry he won't get to know her better - he really wanted to, you know. She asks why, and he says he made this one stupid mistake and he won't be able to get through the gate when it looks into his past. Mildred shows up for the eye thing, and everyone's hanging about in their best clothes. They all look really nice, and Cas asks Mildred if she's going to go get dressed. Mildred wants to know what she means. Cas says nothing, but mentions that Mildred's hair makes her look like a little girl. I wouldn't be talking about anyone's hairstyle if I were you, Cas. Anyway, they start the parade of people going through. As Mildred steps up, the eye glows red, and Miss Hardbroom appears in a puff of smoke. She tells Mildred off, and says something about her having potential but being about to throw it all away. Mildred says she's old enough to make her own decisions, and Miss Hardbroom wishes her luck before smiling and disappearing. I yell "Miss Hardbroom come back! I miss you, I miss you!" in some strange parody of The Wizard of Oz, but, like in the Wizard of Oz, the image fades and leaves me with naught but the munchkins. People keep going through the door, and getting told off by someone they know before they do. Hobbs talks to Mildred through a hole in the wall and tells her he's going next. The plan was to go last, but he says it would be too obvious. As he steps up, Mildred unfolds a drawing and it comes to life. It's a picture of the eye that rests over the door, glowing green. The picture fits itself over the real eye, and no one is the wiser as Hobbs and then Ethel step through. Everybody's celebrating, and Mildred asks them if they've seen Hobbs. Yeah, they say, but she might not want to. Mildred steps outside and sees Hobbs having a sweet tete-a-tete with Ethel. "Silly girl," Ethel says, eyeing Mildred coldly. Mildred runs up to her room crying and destroys her drawing. Cas comes up to see what's the matter and finds that Mildred is hacking off her plaits with scissors. And so ends episode one. It's aimed at a much broader audience than the first three seasons were, so maybe we'll get some marketing and promotion out of this. It's really too early for me to decide if I like it. There are some interesting paths the storyline could take from here, though.moreless
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